Chloe Cherry's Ripe For Restraint - DVD
One Model, 45 Minutes

Everyone liked Chloe Cherry except for one angry woman who nursed a grudge against pretty blonde Chloe. Surprised after work, Chloe was bound to a bedpost in her blouse and skirt, gagged with a thick black cloth and taunted by an enemy she barely knew. The helpless girl twisted against the ropes pinning her in place, then her anxiety escalated after her breasts were bared. Before long, wide-eyed Chloe was also barefoot but her exposure was just getting started.

Stripped to her panties and tape-gagged, Chloe shivered as she sat trussed-up on her bed. Struggling failed to loosen the taut ropes confining her and an attempt to slip off the bed ended when Chloe's restraint received a decisive addition linking her wrists and ankles. The hogtied captive arched desperately and rolled from side to side on the bed until she was informed by her enemy's associate that she'd be going for a ride.

For her trip in the back of an SUV, Chloe was permitted to clothe herself in a cute pink dress appropriately speckled with cherries; she was tightly tied and tape-gagged, of course, to avoid any awkward moments on the freeway. When the feisty girl's vigorous writhing revealed that she still enjoyed too much mobility, her sneakers were removed and her bare feet hitched close to her thighs with a sturdy rope-link.

When she arrived at her destination, Chloe was whisked into a large room, where she was deprived of her clothing and perched on a long- legged chair. Trapped in a rope web, the exquisite blonde nude was at first allowed freedom of speech, but when she panicked and began to call for help, a bright red ball-gag was strapped between Chloe's lush lips. As she strained desperately against the bonds confining her, Chloe's bright blue eyes expressed her understandable anxiety and drool began to drip off her chin while she whimpered.

After she was removed from the chair, naked Chloe was left bound and tape-gagged on a small mattress, then received the dire warning that the woman responsible for her plight would soon appear to have a few words with her. Chloe rolled about frantically onto her side and stomach while awaiting what she knew would be an unpleasant confrontation until her legs were folded by a waist-ankle tether. Curled up in the corner, Chloe knew she had lost the battle and wondered how this strange enemy would celebrate her victory.

ID #: HH-277
Price: $25.00