The Substitute Teacher's Very Strange Day - DVD
Three Models, 48 Minutes

When substitute teacher Eden Wells confronted classroom troublemakers Chloe Cherry and Lexi Lore, sparks were sure to fly. After Lexi conned Eden into allowing her hands to be string-tied behind her back, Chloe sneaked behind the petite teacher, then overpowered and hand-gagged her. Once Eden sat tightly bound on the floor, Chloe happily stuffed cloth in her mouth, then her naughty partner sealed it in place with several strips of duct-tape. As Eden squirmed indignantly, her disrespectful students mocked the trussed-up teacher's powerless state and took selfies as mementos of their triumph. Satisfied with Eden's humiliation, Chloe and Lexi decided to go shopping at the mall but first thoughtfully raised the dazed educator into her chair, where she struggled in her frustrating bondage until the principal appeared.

The annoyed principal freed Eden, a fact Lexi discovered when she returned to the classroom. The blonde truant then learned that her teacher could also exercise rope skills when Eden tied up Lexi tightly on top of the desk perfectly shaped to support her bound body. The curvaceous student's mocking mouth received cloth-and-tape payback from Eden, who smirked at Lexi's futile writhing before stepping away to wait for Chloe's return. Unused to discipline, Lexi twisted nervously in resistant ropework while flexing her shapely bare feet in sandals.

Once Eden also had Chloe under her control, she ramped up her revenge project by depriving the unruly girls of their clothing; both of her naked pupils sat at their desks, which had been moved against the wall under a large world map. Gagged with white cloths, Lexi and Chloe shifted uneasily in their chairs, hands tied behind their heads, while Eden demanded their attention by smacking a ruler loudly on the wooden desktops. Later, after their hands were bound behind them and breasts framed by rope, the nude bad girls murmured anxiously to each other, both uncomfortably aware that they'd messed with the wrong teacher.

It soon became clear why Miss Wells placed the naked, tied and tape-gagged subjects of her discipline standing against the blackboard. Smiling as she directed an insult against their intelligence, Eden wrote DUMB on the board next to Lexi, then DUMBER next to Chloe; with her opinion made clear, she sauntered away while the defeated couple balanced cautiously on their bare feet. Eager to escape, they turned back-to-back while working to unknot each other's bound wrists, but when the ropes prevailed, Chloe decided it was time for some sensual relief. She pressed her breasts against Lexi's, then leaned in for tape-gag kisses, which her friend returned enthusiastically.

Although Eden appeared to have won her battle against two disobedient students, she reckoned without the opportunistic principal, who turned the classroom into the location for Hostage School 101! The indignant Miss Wells returned to her bound and gagged state while seated at one of the small desks, her eyes flashing angrily above strips of dark tape. Clothed again and also tied and tape- gagged, Lexi sat nearby on the floor in tight top and shorts. Best pal Chloe occupied the most prominent position as she perched on the teacher's desk, attired in crop-top, psychedelic yoga pants, rope and tape-gag. All three struggled noisily when the principal glowingly described the virtues of this class to a local reporter, then continued their resistance when the pair casually walked away. The principal received a surprise of his own when he returned later to find Lexi hitched to Eden's desk and Chloe arching in a hogtie; when he removed Eden's gag, she blurted out that the creepy reporter had returned to add a few special touches of his own!

ID #: HH-281
Price: $25.00