Sorority Girls Bondage Hazed - DVD
Two Models, 51 Minutes

Nella Jones and Ellie Eilish were excited when they were invited to join a popular sorority but there was just one catch -- during the initiation process, they'd have to be tied up and gagged! Initially reluctant, Nella and Ellie submitted to the required ropework and soon perched side-by-side on stools, bound and tape-gagged in their skimpy outfits. Their playful efforts to escape bondage gained momentum after the sorority initiates were moved to the floor, where they worked at each other's wrist ropes and plucked at ankle bonds with their bare toes until Ellie rolled onto her side. Because they were unable to free themselves, the supervisor decreed that that naked restraint would be required to complete their initiation.

Ellie and Nella's desire to join the sorority overcame their discomfort at losing their clothes, so once they were naked the determined pair sat tied and cleave-gagged next to each other on a covered pool table. At first their legs hung down over the edge of the table but as they struggled both girls drew their feet up on the table. Twisting in frustration at her inability to loosen the taut ropes, Ellie curled up on her hip and Nella soon followed suit; trapped in bondage despite their best efforts to escape, the sorority wannabes were convinced that their ordeal had lasted long enough.

The sorority housemistress had a different opinion, however, so Nella and Ellie remained naked and bound; before their legs were pinned together, the anxious couple made a run for the door. Quickly apprehended, they sat confined in rope on a couch and strained indignantly against their bonds, more determined than ever to escape this excessive spectacle. But the woman in charge had a final card to play so Ellie and Nella discovered the hogtie's power as they squirmed facedown on the carpet and gazed angrily up at her. Finally freed, the weary candidates were welcomed into the sorority, although their response was not exactly what their new mentor expected.

Nella takes on a solo role when she plays a hot pop-star being held by a greedy schemer; already tightly trussed in her plush black romper, Nella sits in an office chair and pleads for release but instead has her mouth stuffed with cloth that's sealed in place by duct-tape. Rotating back and forth in the chair, the bound and gagged starlet energetically challenges the knots holding her rope-web in place but Nella remains in restraint until her agent completes the negotiation for her release.

Ellie also demonstrates her solo chops as a cute junior exec caught working at home by an intruder who wants documents she's brought back from the office. Securely tied-up in her blouse and skirt with her ankles tethered to the leg of the chair where she's seated, tape-gagged Ellie waits apprehensively while the thief gloats at her plight, then writhes vigorously when he ignores her while reviewing the information he wants. The callous crook punctuates his despicable success by opening Ellie's blouse and stealing her shoes, leaving the embarrassed girl to twist bare-breasted and barefoot and utter muffled calls for help until her boyfriend returns home.

ID #: HH-282
Price: $25.00