Emma And Scarlett's Bondage Mystery - DVD
Three Models, 50 Minutes

Adventurous Emma Starletto couldn't resist exploring a secret room but recognized too late that she'd entered the lair of a skull-faced demon! After binding Emma's hands behind her and gagging her with a knotted black cloth, the creature pinned his lovely blonde prey to a wooden chair with coils of black rope. Stunned by her supernatural plight, Emma was left to struggle alone until the alarming figure returned to tease her with a skull, then bare her breasts and feet. The curious being caressed the former and tickled the latter as wide-eyed Emma squirmed; little did she know that her soft naked soles would receive more detailed attention from her nemesis.

Except for her bright blue panties, Emma's clothing disappeared when she was transferred to wooden stocks, where her hands were tied above her head and her shapely bare feet trapped for the demon's convenience. Emma's sensitive foot-bottoms were ruthlessly tantalized, then the fiend took a tickling journey up to her ribs and underarms. After her calls for help were answered with a tape-gag, Emma's wrists were tied behind her and her feet moved to the stocks' outer recesses. Skull in hands, the entity revealed a hellish sense of humor by using the bone- headed assistant to nibble on Emma's toes!

When Scarlett Mae entered the secret room with the modest intention of purloining some Halloween candy, she avoided the demon but encountered an invisible disciplinarian. The tall redhead was frozen in place, then her crimson nighty was coiled with white rope; with her ankles also bound, barefoot Scarlett could only lean against the wall and twist nervously as she wondered at her astonishing predicament. Before long, a thick black gag muffled Scarlett's voice, then she found herself seated on a small dark platform, her bare breasts suddenly freed from fabric but still framed by rope. The bound and gagged candy thief's remorse reached its peak when she noticed a pair of skulls moving close to bare feet immobilized by an ankle tether.

Emma Starletto finally escaped from the secret room and its demon but bondage continued to haunt her. Attired in a light blue negligee, Emma stood attached to a tall wooden post by a rope-link stretching her arms above her head. Emma's long blonde hair framed a wide-eyed face highlighted by the red ball-gag spreading her lips, while several feet below she raised on tiptoe despite her bound ankles. The perplexed girl's situation didn't improve after her arms were lowered and her wrists tied behind the post because her breasts were exposed and a crotch-rope added by Emma's phantom oppressor.

Farrah Fay underwent a considerably more mundane bondage experience when the MILF yoga enthusiast's meditative exercise was interrupted by a larcenous intruder carrying duct-tape. Efficiently bound and gagged with the tape, Farrah contorted vigorously on her yoga-mat but no matter how hard she strained while rolling onto her side and stomach, freedom remained beyond her reach.

ID #: FB-523
Price: $25.00