Happy Bondage Day Laney And Melody - DVD
Two Models, 51 Minutes

Laney Grey was on the run and the reason quickly appeared -- a disguised dark figure who cornered the barefoot girl, tied her hands behind her, then stuffed cloth between her lips and completed the gagging process with duct-tape. Laney's shimmering pink dress was tightened against her torso with efficiently knotted rope that also pinned her legs together; seated on a wooden floor, the wide-eyed captive struggled zealously once the hooded man vanished. She was still securely confined when he returned to explain that she'd soon be united with a familiar acquaintance.

That acquaintance was Melody Marks, who also had an alarming encounter with the disguised man; trapped in her bedroom after work, the pretty secretary received a rude rope, cloth and tape welcome home. Once her curvaceous body was more fully bound, Melody sat on a bench and challenged her ropework until she stood and carefully edged close to a bedpost. There she tried to loosen the ropes snaring her wrists but was caught by the mysterious figure and dumped barefoot and bare-breasted on the bed. Melody remained quiet at first but then rolled onto her stomach and kicked up her feet until the intruder carried her off to meet Laney.

Clad in bras and panties, Melody and Laney sat side-by-side twisting in wooden chairs, both tied, cleave-gagged and blindfolded. When their sinister host freed their eyes and mouths, they recognized each other as half-sisters, then shivered as he made vague accusations about actions taken by their parents two decades earlier. Silenced once again by duct-tape, the bewildered young women writhed in their rope webs, then rested their heads close together when their restraints refused to loosen. The dark man circled menacingly and removed Laney's gag but was surprised when Melody kicked him with her bound bare feet, a courageous act that nevertheless led to the next stage of their mystifying plight.

The vindictive man responded to Melody's defiance by stripping his subjects of their lingerie and standing them naked, bound and ball-gagged in the corner. Mocking their powerless state and gag-inducing drooling, he watched Laney and Melody balance carefully as they waged yet another losing battle against tight bondage. A humiliating detail was added when crotch-ropes materialized between their legs and he emphasized his domination by tugging on the taut strands circling their waists. Overwhelmed by their inexplicable subjugation, Melody and Laney sunk down onto the floor and huddled together.

Relieved of the ball-gags but still trussed-up naked, Laney and Melody sat on the carpet, their backs against a couch. They were pieces in a puzzle that was impossible to decipher so were left gazing apprehensively at each other above the dark tape stifling their voices as they twisted desperately in their knotted garments. Curling up back-to-back, the sisters' desire to escape led them to tug at bound wrists until the ever- present villain interfered by turning them face-to-face and folding their legs with waist-ankle tethers. Soon after, though, Laney was freed and taken away while Melody was left to struggle alone; when Laney returned, free of rope, the mystery was solved!

ID #: HH-286
Price: $25.00