Binding Arrangements For Brave Businesswomen - DVD
Five Models, 51 Minutes

Ropework found Emma Starletto once again, also entangling her boss Mackenzie Moss, who'd defied a sleazy protection racketeer. Tied hand and foot, tape-gagged and blindfolded, Mackenzie and Emma lay facedown on the floor as the crook exhorted them to rethink their refusal to pay his modest monthly request. The blindfolds slipped off as they rolled from side-to-side but the pretty businesswomen remained tightly bound; when they continued to resist his demands, additional rope was tightened around their upper bodies. After their breasts were bared and shoes removed, Emma and Mackenzie curled up next to each other, backs against a couch, before they were tied together at the waist and their legs folded.

After a grinding day at work, Allie Nicole relished the sensation of kicking off her shoes, kicking back on the bed and calling her favorite guy. The call came to an abrupt end when Allie heard sounds at her back door, then relaxation gave way to when an intruder appeared. Tightly bound in her blouse and skirt, a knotted white cloth tied between her lips, Allie sat meekly on the bed at first but began to struggle in frustration as she heard her home being ransacked. The unlucky girl failed to escape her bondage, however, and was left bare-breasted and squirming in her stockinged feet after a leg-folding rope-link was added.

Therapist Kendra James had just begun to make notes on her final session of the day when a profoundly troubled former client suddenly burst in and demanded the records of his interactions with her. When Kendra staunchly refused, she was rendered helpless with rope; she tried to reason with him and referenced his desire to bind and gag women, then calmly demanded that he release her. Instead, he responded with a thick black gag tied between her bright red lips, before leaving Kendra to struggle in her chair while he searched her files for the notes he wanted. When he returned to find that the lovely psychologist had slipped off her heels, freed her ankles from a tether and was crawling barefoot for the door, he immobilized Kendra with a makeshift hogtie and ran off with the documents he'd stolen.

Office intrigue left Melody Marks in bondage after a rival snuck into her home to steal information about the young executive's project. Her black blazer coiled with white rope and her lips spread by a knotted black gag, Melody sat struggling on her couch, ankles hitched to its leg. After obtaining the data he was after, the vindictive man humiliated Melody by lowering her to the floor, where she was folded onto her hip by a restrictive tether; bare breasts thrusting through her blouse, the innocent young woman twisted with energetic futility in her stockinged feet.

When Emma Starletto confronted a colleague she suspected of corporate espionage, she expected him to respond with denials instead of bondage! Once she sat tightly bound on the floor, he stuffed cloth in her mouth before making the gag doubly secure with microfoam and duct-tape. When Emma began edging across the floor, the desperate man folded her bare feet close to her thighs with a waist-ankle tether and callously exposed her breasts. Fortunately for her, their CEO arrived unexpectedly and the spy's laughable attempt to hide Emma behind a screen quickly collapsed when her gag-muffled whimpers were overheard. The bound and gagged secretary was rescued and the revelations her devious colleague tried to thwart emerged loud and clear.

ID #: SB-178
Price: $25.00