Beware Of The Smooth Talking Trash - DVD
Three Models, 41 Minutes

The night before a major dance competition in Paris, Eden Wells and Kendra James were already in their pajamas so they were dismayed when star performer Vanna Bardot arrived in their bedroom with the news that she was going out for a late dinner. The dance coaches tried to argue against her decision but then she introduced her date Maurice, who asked to have a few moments alone with Eden and Kendra; when he left, the stunned women were tightly bound in their silky pajamas and gagged with duct-tape. They were still struggling barefoot on the bed when Vanna returned from her date; the sexy little dancer had a good laugh at their expense but stopped smiling when her greedy companion demanded a large payment for his services in guiding her around Paris. When she refused, Vanna joined her mentors in bondage while the crooked date searched for cash. At first seated on a bench in her sleeveless top and short skirt, the barefoot dancer hopped over to the bed, where all three women twisted back and forth as they attempted to free themselves.

While Eden was away, Kendra and Vanna tried to relax and recover from their bizarre encounter with ropework. But while they were curled up barefoot on the couch, their eyes widened in disbelief when Maurice appeared and again contended that he was owed a great deal of money for the valuable time he'd spent showing Vanna around the city. Although the angry women told him in no uncertain terms to get lost, Maurice wasn't leaving so easily. Once again displaying his ropework skills, he left Kendra on the couch and deposited Vanna on the nearby coffee-table, both efficiently tied up and cleave- gagged. While the insatiably greedy man ransacked their house, the bound women strained energetically and tried to loosen each other's wrist bonds with bare toes. When their nemesis returned, his desire for money still unfulfilled, he vented his frustration by replacing their gags with tape and escalating their restraint. While Kendra remained on the couch, her jeans- clad legs hobbled by a waist-ankle link, innocent Vanna arched on the coffee-table in her bright yellow top and shorts, her small body controlled by an effective hogtie.

If there was any doubt that Maurice was an authentic miscreant, he removed it along with Kendra and Vanna's clothing, then placed them side-by-side in wooden chairs, their naked bodies tautly woven with rope and voices silenced with black tape. Increasingly alarmed by his erratic behavior, the nude captives strenuously challenged the stringent bondage and tried to reach other's wrists despite their difficult positions. When Maurice noticed Vanna and Kendra's desperate attempts to loosen their bonds, he turned their chairs until they faced each other, an arrangement that made contact impossible for them because each one was pinned to her chair by a pair of rope-links.

Kendra and Vanna were finally relieved from Maurice's presence but not from the snug ropework he left them in as a mean-spirited memento. Still naked and tape-gagged, they sat on the floor near a door, where he'd placed them tantalizingly near to rescue. Although their exertions failed to loosen the knotted coils confining them, Kendra was unwilling to accept defeat so she leaned back against Vanna and raised her bare feet against the doorknob. The door's lock refused to budge despite her nimble toes and Kendra sank back next to her protege; kneeling wearily against the wall, their bound and gagged nudity confronted Eden with a shocking sight when she returned and opened the door.

ID #: HH-287
Price: $25.00