Porch Pirate - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Cadence Lux was determined to prevent younger sister Jessie Saint from dating a shady guy who'd been introducing the innocent girl to kinky activities. But Jessie was just as determined to meet up with her boyfriend so she demonstrated some of the unusual skills she'd learned by leaving Cadence in bondage before heading out the door! Sitting trussed-up and tape-gagged on the couch, the stunned big sister struggled desperately in her rope-coiled blouse and skirt, then slipped off her heels and rolled barefoot onto the floor, her ankles still tethered to the couch-leg.

Jessie's date went south quickly when she eagerly raced into her guy's richly decorated Christmas room despite his efforts to stop her. At first excited by the plethora of presents, Jessie became suspicious when she noticed a pile of newly-delivered packages, all with different addresses. Against Jessie's will, the terrible truth emerged -- her boyfriend was a porch pirate! The disillusioned girl lashed out verbally against the thief, threatening to go to the police. But when Jessie tried to leave, she received the same rope treatment that she'd dispensed to her sister. Tied up in her short red dress, her lips sealed with tape, the petite blonde squirmed on the floor; when she began edging toward the door, her legs were folded by a rope-link that pulled her small bare feet close to her thigh.

After Cadence finally managed to free herself, she rushed over to the house where Jessie and her boyfriend had headed. Her protective intentions were admirable but Cadence arrived just in time for another appointment with bondage. Both she and Jessie were stripped to bras and panties, then tied up in wooden chairs placed between the brightly-lit Christmas trees; the vindictive porch pirate added ball-gags to silence the troublesome sisters. United by their restrictive plight, Jessie and Cadence twisted nervously in their chairs, which the nasty thief turned until they sat face-to-face. As the ball-gagged pair drooled and tugged against connections pinning them to the chairs, they waited for the crook's next move -- but he was the one unpleasantly surprised when the police arrived to free the bound and gagged women and take him into custody.

As the weeks passed, Cadence and Jessie renewed their sisterly relationship while trying to forget their harrowing experience. Then the unthinkable occurred -- their nemesis returned in the middle of the night and Cadence once again felt ropes tighten around her body while a cloth was tied between her lips. She writhed alone on her bed until Jessie was also tied up in her delicate nightwear and cleave- gagged; seated side-by-side, the dazed sisters listened in disbelief as Jessie's ex gloated about the low bail arranged by his clever lawyer. But revenge was on his mind at the moment, a desire expressed even more intensively by the hogties he arranged for them after their breasts were bared; gagged with duct-tape, Jessie and Cadence arched bowed bodies and flexed soft bare feet in this unthinkable sequel to their earlier ordeal.

When morning arrived, Cadence was allowed to dress, then ordered to make a substantial withdrawal at her bank; the porch pirate had decided to move on to another community where he could exercise his skills so he needed additional resources. To discourage his emissary from sounding any alarms, sweet little Jessie would remain bound, gagged and naked on the couch where she'd left her sister tied-up so many weeks before. When she returned with the cash, Cadence was ordered to remove her blouse, skirt and heels, then was seated in nude bondage next to Jessie; after savoring his victory over the sisters who'd attempted to expose his criminal endeavors, the callous thief was off to new misadventures. Although they strained energetically against their taut rope webs and made gag- stifled calls for help, Jessie and Cadence were unable to quickly free themselves as they slid off the couch and curled up next to each other on the floor. Only later in the day did they emerge from bondage and huddle together, closer than ever before.

ID #: HH-289
Price: $25.00