Bondage Mysteries Of The Ouija Board - DVD
Two Models, 40 Minutes

Best friends Ellie Eilish and Kamryn Jade were looking for a new source of entertainment so they decided to try a Ouija board. In response to their first question, the planchette guided their hands to spell out U R TIED, a message that mystified them until, in the blink of an eye, Ellie and Kamryn were transformed into a pair of astonished bound and gagged strugglers! Tightly tied in their tops and skirts, the barefoot girls mouthed bandanna cleave-gags as they sat next to each other on the couch twisting in baffling restraint. Suddenly their position was altered and they sat back-to-back with their feet on opposite ends of the couch; eyes wide in amazement, Kamryn and Ellie murmured to each other as they felt their legs fold before Kamryn's bare breasts emerged between the rope around her chest.

In an instant the ropes and gags disappeared, so the adventurous friends were able to speak and move freely again. Although they were shaken by their mysterious bondage encounter, Ellie and Kamryn couldn't resist another exploration of the supernatural; the answer to their next question appeared in four letters: TITE. Once again a restrictive outcome materialized, one that subdued the two pretty players in rope, silenced them with tape and seated them on a coffee table. Kamryn writhed in black bra and panties while Ellie contorted in a pink negligee that soon opened to reveal her breasts. Although they were efficiently bound, neither girl felt that their plight truly reflected the prediction of tightness they'd received...until a swift transformation placed them on their stomachs. There Ellie and Kamryn discovered how dramatically their mobility was limited by hogties that folded their legs and secured bare feet close to bound wrists.

Returned to the reality where rope no longer controlled them, Ellie and Kamryn were reluctant to continue their exploration of the Ouija board's powers. Yet its mystical appeal drew them in once more and two simple words appeared: GOOD BAD. Before they had time to ponder its meaning, a strangely intimate pairing was revealed on the floor, where Ellie sat tied hand and foot, gagged with white tape and clad in a skimpy red and white checkered dress. Gagged with black tape, Kamryn sat behind Ellie, arms wrapped around her and bound wrists linked to her friend's ankle ropes. Trapped in her lustful friend's embrace, Ellie was shocked to feel Kamryn's fingers exploring her chest, then teasing her nipples after her breasts were bared. But the black-clad bad girl's triumph was short- lived because after they were separated, Kamryn sat next to the couch on her hip while Ellie, though still tied and gagged, was raised onto the sofa, where she dominated her frenemy's breasts with her bare feet.

Ellie and Kamryn were intrigued by the bondage that had brought them closer than they'd ever dared to imagine. So one more appeal to the board was made, with an outcome that was immediately realized: BARE. Their naked bodies coiled with rope, Kamryn and Ellie stood side-by- side against the wall, lips spread by ball-gags; animated by powers beyond their comprehension, they turned slowly until their faces were inches apart and their breasts in contact. Before they could fully enjoy their forbidden desires, Ellie and Kamryn were pinned to chairs where they sat facing each other several feet apart; frustrated by their separation, they could only raise their legs and attempt knot-loosening with nimble bare toes. When their confinement dissolved, the two friends turned away from the board that had offered them such disturbing new insights...but for how long?

ID #: HH-290
Price: $25.00