Lexi Lore's Green-Screen Bondage Show - DVD
One Model, 49 Minutes

When starlet Lexi Lore came on set that day, she expected only a few quick fill-in shots to finish off the film. What Lexi didn't expect was her evil ex-agent, who'd once before subjected her and a co-star to some kinky improvised scenes. Apparently, he'd taken the profits from that shameful enterprise and invested in Lexi's latest project. He'd also brought along some typically restrictive ideas that he'd convinced the cash-strapped producer to adopt -- plus a green-screen in front of which a protesting Lexi was soon seated. The protests continued, but in a muffled form, after the beleaguered blonde was tied up on a square platform and gagged with a knotted cloth. Lexi dismissed a fleeting regret that her green dress wasn't appropriately matched to the screen as more significant challenges occurred, namely the exposure of her breasts and additional ropecraft that folded her legs close to her chest. Squirming on top of the platform, Lexi felt both anger and anxiety at her situation, also certainty that more trouble would follow.

Lexi was right, of course, but she couldn't have foreseen the diabolical nature of her next featured performance. Her hands secured overhead in padded cuffs and her ankles trapped in wooden braces, Lexi sat struggling in the antique stocks and watched in disbelief as a hooded figure approached her. Apparently unsatisfied to be merely an investor, Lexi's nemesis had taken on a role in front of the camera, one that granted him the pleasurable opportunity of tickling his co-star's soft and vulnerable bare soles! Once he'd elicited sufficient giggling and writhing from the unfortunate actress, Lexi was stripped and her restraint altered; hands tied behind the stocks' post and legs spread, she murmured through a duct-tape gag and warily eyed the villainous character who was still lurking with an unusual object in his hands. Only as the electronic toothbrush began to buzz against her foot-bottoms did Lexi understand that she'd have to endure a second bout of tickling.

After her foot-tingling interlude in the stocks, it was almost a relief for Lexi to lie back on a massage-table even though her arms and legs were tied down and she was still tape-gagged. But that interlude of distraction from her outrageous exploitation ended abruptly when the agent from hell returned to his toothbrush-tickling obsession by guiding the buzzing device up and down Lexi's naked body from bare feet to underarms. The slender starlet was then left to undulate alone on her back until she was turned onto her stomach so that her legs could be folded up close to bound wrists; Lexi arched energetically in the hogtie, then gasped when she felt that annoying tingle on her flexing soles courtesy of the brush-wielding jerk.

Thanks to the sleazy investor's injection of cash, this cinematic masterpiece would be released just before Christmas so what could be more appropriate than a seasonal scene? Such at least was the rationale that placed Lexi on a shiny red chair in a small room filled with Christmas foliage and decorations; tied hand and foot in her light green bra and panties, her lips spread by a red ball-gag, she also sported a Santa hat but Lexi appeared anything but merry as she twisted in the chair. Her holiday spirit entirely evaporated after Lexi's lingerie disappeared, her bare breasts were framed with rope and her ankles hitched separately to the chair- legs to give the gift of pussy revelation.

Her final effort of the day would be a scene shot out of order, explained the embarrassed director to his disgusted star; in the edited film that would reflect a significantly altered script, her bondage in the back of an SUV would appear shortly after the opening credits. So Lexi curled up bound and gagged one last time in the vehicle's cramped rear end; her tight top, flowery skirt and black pumps reflected the identity of a playgirl who unwisely decided to play detective. When Lexi began to edge out of the car, her feisty initiative was negated by a leg-folding tether that tightened her bare feet against her hips. Once the car's back-door was closed and Lexi driven away, her long day's work was at an end and she was released; despite her reasonable antipathy toward the creative creep, a look at the compensation offered by her revised contract convinced Lexi to look more favorably on the film's new content.

ID #: HH-291
Price: $25.00