Eliot And Eden's Bondage Fantasies - DVD
One Model, 52 Minutes

Eden has a tendency to get tied and gagged, thanks to plenty of help from Eliot.

Clad in a striking leopard-print dress and foot-flattering sandals, movie actress Eden sits bound and tape-gagged on a small kitchen stool as a scene is filmed. But after the scene's over, the star remains in bondage while the director and crew go to lunch! Eden's unwilling to remain quietly submissive, so she slides off the stool, curls up against the stove, then edges along the kitchen floor while trying to loosen those annoying ropes.

Eden looks quite fetching in a flowery dress and the sandals that highlight her red-nailed bare feet so what could possibly cause her date to bind and gag her? It's the phone addiction that focuses her eyes on the screen and away from the guy who wants some attention; to keep her hands off the phone, Eden's wrists and ankles are zip-tied while a tape-gag muffles her angry comments. Desperate to regain her device, Eden writhes on the couch and contorts on the floor but the plastic bonds continue to frustrate her.

Eden enjoys working at home because she can dress casually in a sleeveless top, tight jeans and flip-flops while laboring at her computer. What's not so pleasant is the occasional larcenous intruder who orders the alluring MILF onto the floor and ties her hands behind her back before stuffing cloth into her mouth and sealing it in place with duct-tape. Her unwelcome guest later tightens more rope around her curvaceous torso and leaves Eden sitting against the couch; always a courageous struggler, she rolls around from side to stomach and raises her bare feet in the air while straining against knots that just won't loosen.

Working at an office is not without its s as Eden discovers during a harrowing day on the job. First she has to perform the unpleasant task of terminating a troublesome employee, then her leadership role is drastically diminished when her dress is coiled with rope and her lips sealed with tape by yet another shady operative. Trussed-up and twisting in her office chair, Eden experiences an unexpected humiliation when the employee she fired returns, refuses to untie her and mocks his former boss's helpless state.

"What happened to my TV?" A fair enough question for a husband to ask when he returns home to find his prized big- screen TV gone, along with some lesser items. Wife Eden has a perfectly reasonable explanation for the lost property: a light- fingered character left with the loot after expertly binding and gagging her. Tied up in her top and jeans, Eden had maneuvered back and forth on the carpeted floor, from side to back to knees; even after additional rope confined her in a ball-tie, she energetically battled her bondage and kicked up her bare feet. By the time she freed herself, that beloved TV was long gone.

ID #: HH-295
Price: $25.00