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Sweet Nell's!

Sweet Nell's s! - DVD

52 Minutes, Three Models

A Bondage Video by Jon Woods!
Starring Carissa Montgomery, Savannah Sixx and Terra Mizu with Jon Woods

In this homage to the melodramatic chapter serials of long ago, Carissa Montgomery portrays the titular heroine, Sweet Nell. We begin with the story already in progress, and our hapless and oft-imed damsel has been grabbed once again by the villain, Salty Sam. Sweet Nell has been taken to the old mine where she's bound hand and foot. The scoundrel insists that she sign the deed to her ranch over to him, but she bravely refuses. He then asks for her hand in marriage, but Sweet Nell rebuffs him again. Sam then silences his buxom captive with a layered cloth gag (shown on- screen) and he prepares a dire fate for Sweet Nell. Our helpless damsel struggles and squirms against the ropes, but her only hope is for the hero to come and save her before it's too late! Of course, Salty Sam returns to give his delectable guest another chance to change her mind, but she turns him down again, and the heartless fiend exposes her enormous breasts before making the final preparations for his evil plot. All looks hopeless for Sweet Nell, but the hero enters in the nick of time to foil the villain. But Salty Sam isn't defeated yet!

When we next see Sweet Nell, she's been nabbed again and taken back down to the abandoned mine. Stripped down to her white panties, waist-cincher, stockings and boots, our busty damsel is tied up and kneeling before a device she's never seen before. The villain explains that it's a dildo, and she's going to be tested on her oral skills. Salty Sam tells her that he plans to offer her to some disreputable cads if she does well. Even though Nell has no experience, she realizes she must cooperate with the vile evildoer, and she does her best to service the dildo. In fact, her performance is so good that the depraved villain decides to keep her for himself! Sweet Nell is hogtied and cleavegagged, but she still rejects her dastardly captor. Salty Sam tells the beautiful damsel he intends to keep her a prisoner until she falls in love with him. Sweet Nell squirms and moans in despair. Will the hero be able to find and save her yet again?

The story is followed by another bondage-filled fantasy. As "The Princess Trap" begins, gorgeous Princess Savannah Sixx has been lured to a remote castle. The stunning brunette is trying to figure out who's behind the mysterious note that summoned her there when she's confronted by a hideous creature. The terrified princess screams, but as the strange being draws closer and closer to her, she ultimately faints. Princess Savannah is next seen stripped down to her white panties, tapegagged and frogtied on a mattress. The busty royalty helplessly struggles against the ropes, but the knots all hold tight! She wonders who's behind this strange plot, but she's even more perplexed when a talking gorilla enters and tells her his mistress would not approve of this and he begins to untie her. But Princess Savannah's ordeal isn't over yet!

The dark-haired beauty is re-dressed in her silky gown, gloves, heels and tiara, and she's cleavegagged and tied to a chair. The gorilla tells his royal prisoner that this is more acceptable, and he leaves the bound and gagged babe alone to squirm against her unrelenting restraints. As she struggles, the straps of her shiny gown fall down, revealing her luscious breasts. Before long the talking ape returns and informs his delectable captive that he's received a message to make Princess Savannah more uncomfortable, and he cruelly binds her elbows together. The furry villain is savoring her when Princess Savannah manages to work her cleavegag off and she calls him over to whisper in his ear. Whatever she tells him must be quite persuasive, because the perverted primate then begins to immediately start untying his beautiful prisoner.

When evil Princess Terra Mizu finally returns, she's stunned to discover that Princess Savannah has unexpectedly escaped from her clutches! Then she's surprised to see her gorilla closing in on her in a menacing manner. The villainess tries to wrest control of the situation from the turncoat ape, but he backs her into a corner and the wicked princess faints! When Princess Terra opens her eyes again, she's being thoroughly tied to a chair by her simian underling. Her angry demands to be set free are answered with a tightly strapped ballgag, and she continues to gag-talk in an attempt to get the ape back in her control. But he only leaves her to helplessly struggle and drool. Later the renegade gorilla does return to check on his former lady-boss. First the damn dirty ape pulls down her gown to expose Princess Terra's ample bosom, then later he brings more rope to tightly bind her elbows together! The defeated villainess knows she'll never be able to free herself now, but the ape has more in store for his busty captive.

For Princess Terra's finale, she's dressed in a silky gown and roped to a chair with her bare legs spread and tied wide apart. Her humiliated cries are muffled by a stuffed cleavegag, and there's a powerful vibrator secured between her legs and snugged up against her most intimate area. Soon her huge breasts are bared and the device is brought to life. The princess struggles in vain to escape the irresistible hum of the Hitachi, but her resistance soon fades and she has no choice but to surrender to a shuddering, eye-crossing orgasm. It seems the villainess's trap has closed on the wrong princess!

ID #: JW-136
Price: $25.00