Winter's Bad Luck Bondage Tale - DVD
One Model, 48 Minutes

Adorable 19-year old Winter Jade has more than her share of bad luck when it comes to bondage. Take for instance the time she was surprised while working late. Wearing a tight top and denim skirt, Winter is tied up, cleave-gagged, blindfolded and left lying on the floor. The diabolical goon who put her there makes sure her top is pulled down exposing her perky natural breasts. The shoes go too, revealing her long sexy toes. Eventually Winter gets loose of the blindfold which is good news for us because she shows off her beautifully expressive eyes!

Buying expensive jewelry can lead to bondage for just about anyone, but with Winter it's almost a sure bet! As she relaxes on her couch wearing shiny silver satin pajamas and her feet bare an intruder appears and leaves hapless Winter both tape bound and tape gagged.

With her jewelry gone, Winter decides to sell a valuable painting. Of course, lacking good character judgement, Winter ends up dealing with a very dishonest buyer. Winter is left standing bound hand and foot, hitched to a cabinet! She's left silent with microfoam tape. Not happy only stealing from Winter, the thief yanks down Winter's jeans and removes her shoes! All Winter can do is mumble angrily and do her best to find a way out of her predicament.

All of her clothes long gone, Winter sits with her wrists tied separately to each side of a chair and her ankles to the chair- legs. Safety-wrap circles her mouth and head keeping her securely silenced. Naturally, Winter can barely move as it is and the situation becomes even more difficult when her chair’s tipped over!

There is no denying it. Nakedness combined with bondage works well for Winter. Stretched out diagonally on a bed, her wrists and ankles tied to bedposts and duct tape pasted over her pretty lips, Winter strains and murmurs with a sensual flair that becomes even more pronounced when she ends up spreadeagled! At that point, we all get to admire her appealing dark- bush and a pussy that's very nicely exposed!

ID #: HH-303
Price: $25.00