The Escape Artist Dilemma - DVD
Two Models, 45 Minutes

A pair of aspiring escape artists discovered that freeing themselves from a variety of restraints was beyond their limited capacities. The first challenge for Harmony Wonder and Katie Kush consisted of ropework that controlled their wrists and ankles as well as coiling around the upper portions of their stylish dresses. As they stood side-by- side, Harmony and Katie devoted impressive energy to loosening their bonds; slipping onto the floor and curling up back-to-back so they could pluck at each other's bound wrists, the cleave- gagged pair worked together to achieve their goal but escape eluded them.

Plastic replaced rope for their second contest and changes of clothing added splashes of color to the hopeful escapists' struggles. Harmony wore a bright red top and blue jeans while Katie chose a semi-transparent orange top and black slacks, but it was the black zip-ties that dominated the situation and ensured that the barefoot girls would remain powerless as they rolled about on the bed. Although Katie and Harmony managed to communicate despite their tape-gags and maneuvered imaginatively to target the rigid plastic restrictions, the bare-breasted couple finally surrendered to reality.

Another contrast of colors ensued with Harmony and Katie's skimpy red lingerie overwhelmed by strips of silver duct-tape that circled their wrists, chests, ankles and knees as well as sealing their lips. As they sat confined on the floor, Katie made a futile effort to loosen Harmony's sticky bonds with her bare toes, then both rolled onto their stomachs and strained vigorously against the immovable tape. Their bodies folded against each other and engaged in athletic contortions that displayed two pairs of shapely bare feet but brought them no closer to freedom.

It was time for the discouraged escape novices to confront metallic restrictions so they knelt next to each other on a sofa, their wrists and ankles cuffed. Once again clad in revealing lingerie and tape-gagged, Katie and Harmony rotated their small bodies in the sofa's limited space as they attempted to overcome the cuffs' intimidating control. Success in their uphill battle became even more unlikely after short lengths of zip-tie pulled their wrist and ankle connections together, leaving both in rattling hogties, with Katie on the couch and Harmony on the floor.

Their disappointing excursion into escapism concluded with good old- fashioned rope bondage that pinned the ball-gagged nudes to a pair of wooden chairs. Despite their series of failures, Harmony and Katie summoned up reserves of energy to resist the ropework, first as they sat next to each other, then when the chairs were turned back-to-back. The baffling rope webs continued to mock their exertions, however, so these very appealing bound and gagged girls would have to accept the reality that they had no future as escape artists.

ID #: HH-304
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