Rival Detectives Restrained By Evil Enemy - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Appearances can deceiving -- despite her petite physique, Natalie Knight was highly respected for her ability to track down shady characters. But as she worked on her latest case, Natalie failed to recognize that she had a formidable competitor in Angelica Cruz, who was also attempting to locate the same elusive evildoer. Only after she'd been overpowered by Angelica and sat squirming in rope while the tall Latina stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed it in place with tape did Natalie understand whom she was up against. Struggling bound and gagged on the floor, the humiliated detective was powerless to prevent her rival from toying with her bared breasts, then pulling off her sneakers to tickle her soft little soles. When Angelica became complacent, however, Natalie was ready to strike back.

The ropes that Angelica had used to secure Natalie held her on a small chair while her smirking opponent administered an identical cloth-and-tape-gag. No longer the powerful woman in charge, Angelica twisted back and forth in the chair while her wide eyes expressed anxiety about Natalie's next move. That arrived when the gloating detective shared a phone call in which she declared her victory, then went on a payback tour of Angelica's body that commenced with nipple- tweaking and concluded with the removal of platform heels allowing the application of sharp fingernails to naked size-9 foot-bottoms. Now that she had boomeranged humiliation back on a rival who would no longer interfere with her, Natalie planned on returning to her pursuit of the man who'd avoided justice for so long. Unfortunately for her, their first meeting would take place on his terms.

It amused the object of both detectives' assignments to find Angelica in such an embarrassing position but he focused his attention on surprising Natalie, who was quickly returned to bondage. Stunned by another unexpected restriction of her mobility, she sat tied up in her skimpy pink bra and panties on a small wooden bench and murmured in frustration behind the microfoam tape covering her mouth. Natalie's attitude didn't improve when Angelica was propelled into the room, also trussed up in her lingerie and tape-gagged; after her ankles and knees were pinned with rope, she sat on a bed across from her rival, then directed hostile mumbles toward Natalie that were returned with interest. An unspoken truce ensued, however, when they believed their nemesis had vanished, so Natalie hopped to the bed, where two desperate women overcame their antipathy to struggle for mutual freedom. But the knotted ropes defied their fingers and toes -- and then they heard a disturbingly familiar voice mocking their efforts.

Before he hit the road, this antisocial specimen was determined that Natalie and Angelica would be in no position to interfere with his illicit projects. So after they were stripped naked, the intimidated detectives were even more strictly bound, gagged with duct-tape, then tethered to separate bedposts. As they strained cautiously against their rope-webs, the nude captives recognized that bringing their bound wrists in contact would be almost impossible so Natalie instead plucked at the knots controlling Angelica's ankles with her nimble toes. Although she made modest progress, her mobility was soon squelched by a waist-ankle rope-link that folded her legs; her unlikely comrade received an identical addition, then the helpless pair twisted awkwardly on the bed.

The detectives' cold-hearted enemy could have left them quite successfully confined in rope on the bed but he had a final message to send, one intended to emphasize that they were no match for him. That significant message was conveyed by small pieces of white plastic in the form of zip-ties holding Natalie and Angelica's hands behind their backs and hobbling their ankles as they stood naked and ball-gagged in the corner of an empty room. Fully aware of their plight, they turned back and forth with extreme caution before sitting on the hardwood floor where two disillusioned detectives huddled together in defeat.

ID #: HH-307
Price: $25.00