Holly And Andy: A Couple's Bondage Crisis - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Andy Logan smirked when Holly Manning proposed playing a harmless little bondage game; confident in his muscular prowess, Andy knew he'd break free of Holly's amateurish ropework in a few moments. But Andy wasn't laughing as the minutes passed and he failed to free himself of the maddeningly knotted ropes. Struggling angrily on the floor, Andy couldn't prevent Holly from gagging him with duct-tape, then using him as a footstool while she called a friend to joke about her helpless hunk.

Andy and Holly shared bondage after intruders interrupted their pleasant day and left them tied up and tape-gagged on their couch. Bound in her green dress and barefoot, Holly twisted next to her bare- chested friend, then turned back-to-back with Andy as they worked at freeing their wrists. When that initiative failed, Andy rolled onto the floor while Holly lay on the couch, then reached out her legs and tugged with her bare toes at the rope pinning his hands behind his back.

Holly and Andy were apparently bondage magnets, next finding themselves restrained in rope and seated on wooden chairs, Holly dressed in a modest black dress and heeled sandals, while Andy was stripped to his briefs. After straining next to each other, they mumbled through their cleave-gags and turned the chairs so that Holly could reach out to Andy's bound wrists with her spike heels. Caught in the act, Holly was deprived of her shoes and her bare feet hitched to the chair; their desperate writhing continued but with no more success than before.

A tale of the tape followed, with Holly and Andy as the unhappy stars confined to a bedroom. Clad in silky black pajamas, Holly lay on a bed, subdued and silenced by duct-tape, while Andy sat tape-bound and gagged in his briefs on a small bench across the room. Andy daringly hopped over to the bed, then sat back-to-back with Holly as they grappled awkwardly with each other's wrists. Their futile project ended with the defeated couple separated and Andy lying on the bench while Holly curled up meekly after was disciplined with extra coils of tape around her chest.

Imagine how shocked Holly was when she arrived home to find Andy sitting tied and tape-gagged on the floor. She only had a few moments to voice her astonishment, however, before she received the same treatment and was placed on a small stool next to her powerless man. They made a strikingly contrasted pair, as Andy had been relaxing in a T-shirt and jeans before trouble came calling, while Holly had dressed to impress in a daring, silver-ornamented white dress and silvery peep-toe heels. The heels slipped off her bare feet when Holly once again tried to use her toes on Andy's bonds, then stood and started to hop toward a nearby door. After her courageous effort was squelched, Holly was returned to the stool and her mobility limited by a rope-link between her ankles and Andy's.

ID #: CC-65
Price: $25.00