Cat Burglars Battle For The Golden Phallus - DVD
Three Models, 47 Minutes

Cat-burglar Pussy Amour was determined to get her hands on a fabled pleasure instrument known as The Golden Phallus and no one was going to stand in her way. Certainly not petite Rose Mary Richards, who incurred Pussy's wrath when she refused to reveal the golden toy's location. After surprising Rose Mary and tightly coiling her small body with rope, the greedy cat tied a knotted black cloth between her lips, then left her to struggle. When Pussy returned, Rose Mary lay gagged and bound on the couch, able only to squirm unhappily when the masked villainess played with her short skirt and fondled her snug crop-top.

To her dismay, Rose Mary was compelled by her wicked visitor to remove her top and shoes, before the bare-breasted and barefoot girl once again experienced a ruthless rope embrace. Gagged with duct-tape, the tiny blonde sat straining against her bonds, her eyes anxiously searching for some chance of escaping Pussy's captivity. Rose Mary stood tentatively when Pussy was distracted and began hopping to the door but was quickly blocked by her nemesis, who prevented any future adventures by securing her to the chair with a web around her thighs. With the pretty little troublemaker totally under her control, Pussy indulged her sensual side by teasing Rose Mary's rope-framed breasts.

When Rose Mary remained stubbornly resistant to Pussy's interrogation, the frustrated burglar introduced her to the adhesive pressures of tape-bondage. After her dress disappeared and she stood trembling in her thong panties, Pussy delighted in subduing Rose Mary's diminutive, nearly naked body with a generous application of duct-tape that also sealed her lips. Trapped in tape, Rose Mary sat on the floor while the black-clad lawbreaker lay next to her so she could caress those tempting breasts with gloved hands. Once she was left alone, the tape-bound girl rolled back and forth on the carpet in a futile attempt to escape from Pussy's domination.

While Pussy continued her relentless search for the Golden Phallus, Rose Mary was freed from tape but restrained with rope. Still clad only in bright red panties, she curled up bound and tape-gagged against a large wooden wardrobe, her bare feet tethered close to her hip. Rose Mary courageously refused to surrender but cold-hearted Pussy responded to her writhing with a decisive change of position. Her innocent little pawn lay facedown, legs drawn close to bound wrists in a hogtie that Rose Mary arched against energetically but with no impact on the knotted rope network.

Pussy's quest apparently came to a triumphant conclusion as she displayed the Golden Phallus to unlucky Rose Mary, who sat zip-tied and tape-gagged in her panties. But the gloating cat-burglar had some surprises coming and the first arrived in the person of her enemy Kitty Katz, a mirror-image of Pussy in black boots, leather suit and mask. Kitty was also hunting for the Phallus so a spirited struggle with her rival followed before she was also zip-tied and seated next to the astonished Rose Mary. A second surprise, however, transformed Pussy's victory into defeat when a scheming man ordered the downcast thief to zip-tie and handcuff herself; soon she sat as one of a tape-gagged trio on the small table while her prized Golden Phallus walked away in the hands of another.

ID #: HH-314
Price: $25.00