Blonde Cat-Burglar Bound For Trouble - DVD
Three Models, 49 Minutes

Everything was going great for sexy blonde adventuress Harmony Rivers until it all fell apart. Curled up happily on her bed after phoning a friend, Harmony was stunned when a black- clad, hooded figure burst into the room. Once she was tightly bound, he gagged her with a thick black cloth, then left to loot her home while she sat in stunned submission. When it appeared that Harmony was trying to struggle off the bed, her legs were folded by a waist- ankle tether; the evil intruder also bared her breasts and feet. She felt an instant of relief when her gag was removed but he swiftly replaced it by stuffing cloth in her mouth and sealing her lips with duct-tape. Although Harmony bravely resisted the ropes confining her, she lay powerless on her side when the thief returned.

An exercise in humiliation followed for Harmony after her dress disappeared and her naked body was attached to the bed. As she lay on her back with her arms roped separately above her head to the bed's ornate metal head-frame and her legs tied down at its lower end, Harmony twisted angrily back and forth. Even greater embarrassment followed for the bound and gagged girl when her ankles were hitched to each side of the bed so that her legs were spread wide. Leaving Harmony to writhe in maximum exposure, her ruthless visitor absconded with the substantial trove of cash she'd been hiding; when she finally freed herself, Harmony swore she'd get it back with interest.

To implement her campaign of revenge, Harmony imitated the thief's garb by costuming herself as a cat-burglar. After hunting him down at his mansion, she took him by surprise and stood in triumph watching his nervous reaction. But appearances can be deceiving, as Harmony discovered to her dismay when an associate of her enemy turned the tables on her; it was back to bondage for the novice burglar, whose black-clad body was coiled with white rope that matched the couch on which she sat. Gagged with a shining red ball, Harmony squirmed in frustration while the arrogant man taunted her and promised rigorous lessons in ropework that would teach her not to irritate her superiors. The promise was soon made good with a hogtie that compelled the masked girl to wriggle on her stomach while ruefully wishing she'd never donned the outfit.

The cat-burglar costume would no longer be a problem for Harmony after it was removed to reveal her stylish bra and panties. Tightly bound with tan rope, she received a duct-tape gag at the hands of a man who clearly relished her plight, then twisted anxiously on the long- legged chair where she was perched. Harmony was attached to her unwanted throne by a rope linking her ankles to the back of the chair; she got a taste of his macabre sense of humor after her breasts were exposed and he placed a stuffed alligator on her lap. Later shifted to a more submissive position, Harmony knelt meekly on the seat against its back, fully aware that energetic motions were no longer an option.

Blindfolded and tape-gagged, Harmony trembled in the chilling embrace of naked bondage when she lay facedown on the couch, her wrists and ankles controlled by zip-ties. Harmony tugged carefully at the rigid plastic restraints, raising her bare feet close to her hands to pluck at the ankle ties; although she shook off the blindfold, her efforts to slip out of the thin black bonds were futile. After she was helped to sit up on the edge of the couch, Harmony strained nervously against her restrictive situation until the unpredictable man made her a surprising offer, an offer she was free to refuse but one definitely worth considering by the failed cat-burglar.

ID #: HH-318
Price: $25.00