Ms. Pearl's Bound And Gagged In The Classroom - DVD
One Model, 49 Minutes

Remorseful about her role in a grades-for-pay scheme, teacher Lola Pearl planned to testify when the school's corrupt principal went on trial. The crooked administrator was determined to prevent her testimony, however, so he sent an operative to reason with Lola while she worked late in her classroom. When the honest teacher refused to cooperate, she was tied up in her chair and a thick black gag was tightened between her lips; Lola was warned that the intruder wouldn't leave until she'd recognized that testifying was not an option. After she was caught trying to push the rolling chair out of the classroom, the powerless teacher was pinned to the chair by knotted coils around her waist and her blouse was unbuttoned to expose rope-framed breasts.

Ms. Pearl was give another chance to develop a faulty memory about the details of her testimony, but when she maintained her integrity ropes were once again tightened around her body. Standing in the corner between two chalkboards, Lola wore only skirt and pantyhose; when she voiced her contempt of the menacing figure, he silenced her by jamming cloth into her mouth, then sealing it in place with duct-tape. The bound, gagged and bare-breasted teacher balanced nervously on her stockinged feet as she twisted from side-to-side before attempting to hop toward a nearby door. Easily halted, Lola was lowered to the floor, where she kicked up her hobbled legs and curled up onto her hip while straining with futile energy against the rope-link folding her feet against her thighs.

Once the defiant Ms. Pearl had been stripped of skirt and stockings, she sat naked and bound on a small black bench. Her merciless enemy escalated his mouth-stuffing operation by flourishing Lola's frilly pink panties before her, then crammed them between her lips before duct-tape completed the gag. Lola's courage was challenged by her restrictive situation but she struggled intensively against the ropework until she was shocked by a change that hitched her ankles separately to opposite ends of the bench. Her legs spread, Lola writhed humiliated and helpless as the vicious man emphasized her subjugation by mocking her with a long wooden ruler.

The desk where Ms. Pearl had presided over the classroom displayed an embarrassingly unclothed teacher subdued by rope, her commanding voice stifled by duct-tape wrapped around under her flowing dark hair. As she sat in captivity unimaginable only a few hours before, Lola strained against frustrating bondage that before long would diminish her mobility even more drastically. Folded into a cross-ankled hogtie, the slender instructor arched athletically despite the rigorous rope network. Lola's eyes widened when another man appeared to inform her nemesis that there would be no trial because charges against her superior had been dismissed; her ordeal had been pointless!

With the sun rising, Ms. Pearl was removed from the classroom before others arrived. Hastily re-clothed in a dress from lost-and-found, the unfortunate teacher was left trussed-up and ball- gagged in an alley near an abandoned construction project, where she sat on the edge of a low wooden frame. Wearied by her bizarre experience, Lola summoned up the strength to test tightly-knotted bonds but remained in their grasp. After slipping off her heels, she swung her legs onto a brick pathway and considered rising to her feet before the rough stone's impact on her soft bare soles discouraged her. Although Lola was trapped, she'd soon hear a voice bringing her the first good news she'd heard in many hours.

ID #: HH-319
Price: $25.00