Jack, Bobbi And Robby Get The Bondage Treatment - DVD
Three Models, 51 Minutes

Therapist Kendra James had never encountered a patient so blatantly misogynistic as Jack Escobar. According to Jack, his relationships failed because women were simply too stupid to understand him and fulfill his needs. Kendra couldn't bear to listen any longer to his toxic rantings so she applied a drastic treatment that reflected some of her own hidden interests! Once she had Jack Escobar tied up and tape-gagged, Kendra James subjected her client to the very unconventional therapy she'd been yearning to try. As Jack struggled on the floor and mumbled in disbelief, the glamorous psychologist dominated him with spike heels and stockinged feet!

After stripping Jack Escobar down to his underwear Kendra James slips out of her garter stockings, gags Jack with her foot scented hose and rubs her naked feet all over his bare chest. After laying Jack down on the floor, Kendra pulls the stockings out of his mouth and replaces them with her toes.

A down-on-his-luck acquaintance tried to squeeze some cash out of successful businessman Bobbi Adore. When Bobbi told him to hit the road, the creep responded with rope before scrounging around his office. All the thief could find to steal was Bobbi's watch, which left on his wrist while the angry man struggled on the floor!

Hobbled by rope around his ankles, tight wrist ropes and a gag wrapped around his head Robby Echo struggles to get free from his captivity. After some time rolling around on a bare mattress his captor decides that Robby needs some tighter bondage and hogties poor Robby!

Jack Escobar was a fine masseuse but often extended his manual efforts beyond the bounds of decorum. When he slipped his fingers beneath Kendra James' towel one too many times, she ignored his profuse apologies and administered rigorous discipline once he was tied down on the table. Kendra began by tickling his bound body but Jack would soon discover that she was just getting started.

ID #: MIB-140
Price: $25.00