Five Bondage Surprises For Chanel Grey - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

Told to remain at the office even though all her tasks were completed, Chanel Grey was bored. After she was joined by an intruder intent on theft, boredom became the least of Chanel's problems; tied up in her chair, the stunned secretary was gagged with a knotted cloth. While her unwelcome guest prowled about the office, Chanel twisted uncomfortably in the ropes tightened around her slender body. Before her evening's restraint concluded, the bewildered blonde struggled barefoot on the floor, finally squirming on her side while she waited for a rescuer to arrive.

Chanel was still shaken by her shocking office bondage but tried to put it behind her by preparing for a warm bath. Seated on the edge of the tub and wearing only a towel, she shared her emotions with a friend over the phone but when the call ended, it was the unfriendly visitor who came calling with rope. Bound and ball-gagged, Chanel wouldn't be entering the tub that evening; instead, she'd remain powerless as the knotted coils resisted her efforts to loosen them. Her contortions did cause the towel to slide off her naked body, however, and the trussed-up girl's eyes widened in consternation at her humiliating plight.

Curled up on her bed in red plaid pajamas, Chanel spoke with her friend about the relief she felt when she learned that the man responsible for her alarming experiences had been arrested. Unfortunately for her, the information was inaccurate because soon after she put down her phone, the familiar villain reappeared to confine the incredulous girl with strips of duct-tape wrapped around her arms and legs. Then he upped the indignity by stuffing cloth into Chanel's mouth before adding more tape to make sure her voice was muffled. Once again trapped and helpless, she rolled around on the bed in her hopeless battle against tape bondage; a new level of embarrassment ensued when the pajama-top was unbuttoned to bare her breasts.

Why did Chanel seem so much more relaxed and confident? Because a good deal of time had passed and she felt secure because she was house-sitting for a friend in a gated community. Perhaps Chanel should have guessed that high metal gates would be no obstacle to a dedicated purveyor of ropework encounters, then she would have been less astonished to find herself in that too-familiar binding embrace. Black rope performed the restrictive duty of securing Chanel in a chair, where she'd earlier prepared for a relaxing day in a white top and short denim skirt; microfoam tape sealed lips that had become used to the presence of a gag. Rising on her bare toes, the anxious captive writhed in the chair until her breasts were bared and the rope web was augmented. While Chanel's undulations continued, they began to take on a surprising degree of sensual surrender to her gagged and bound state.

The secret was out -- bondage had pressed a button in Chanel's brain that unloosed pleasurable sensations she hadn't felt before. Deprived of opportunities for submission, she was dissatisfied so started to tie her ankles; before she made progress, her dependable master arrived to transform her into a bound and naked prize. Chanel first sat on the couch and tested her bonds with playful vigor, then knelt in recognition of her new role. Once she lay on her stomach, her slender bare feet drawn close to her hands by the hogtie's rope link, Chanel murmured excitedly behind her tape-gag while portraying a damsel whose pulsed with excitement.

ID #: HH-320
Price: $25.00