Bondage Designs For Ruby Sage - DVD
One Model, 44 Minutes

Fashion designer Farrah Fay was enraged when she discovered that so-called friend Ruby Sage was stealing her designs and wearing her clothes. When Ruby failed to grasp the seriousness of her betrayal, Farrah decided to teach her a lesson with the help of rope tightened around her slender body. Once the exotic brunette sat bound on the floor in her black top and shorts, Farrah gagged her with a white cloth and left her to reflect on the bad behavior responsible for her plight. Stunned by Farrah's punishment, Ruby strained against the rope web confining her; after her shoes were removed, she curled up barefoot on her hip and continued to struggle.

Ruby believed she'd sufficiently atoned for her questionable actions but Farrah had a different opinion. So after she was mockingly attired in a stylish dress and matching platform sandals, Ruby stood snared in rope again, supported during her halting movements by a knotted link secured overhead. As she twisted back and forth, Ruby murmured in frustration behind her tape-gag before an adjustment in the connection allowed her to kneel on the floor, a position that emphasized her submission to hot-tempered Farrah.

Ruby's restraint became even more humiliating after she was stripped to her skimpy, semi- transparent black bra and panties, then trussed-up and perched on top of a wooden chest. Farrah made sure that her captive's protests would remain unheard by sealing her lips with duct-tape; Ruby's one-sided battle against her former friend's bondage continued as she writhed on the chest, then slowly lowered her legs onto the floor. But Farrah swiftly prevented Ruby from having even a slight chance of escaping by folding her legs against her body with yet another coil of rope.

Bound hand and foot, gagged with duct-tape and clad in revealing white bra and panties, Ruby attempted to escape from Farrah's clutches by edging barefoot down a carpeted staircase. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, Ruby stood up carefully and began hopping to a nearby door but the vengeful designer was too quick for her. To prevent any further antics, Ruby's bound wrists were attached to the railing, where she stood rising on tiptoe until she sank down onto the floor.

Farrah veered away from stylish clothing and lingerie to escalate the humiliation factor by tying Ruby down on a bed in nothing but those frilly white panties. Bare-breasted and tape-gagged, the remorseful fashion thief lay on her back and yanked anxiously at the bonds pinning down her nearly naked body on the bed whose surface was softened by a furry white rug. Of course, Farrah couldn't resist a final surprise at Ruby's expense by later securing her ankles separately so that the helpless woman was fully spreadeagled. It seemed unlikely that she'd ever attempt to purloin any of Farrah's creations again.

ID #: HH-322
Price: $25.00