Lovely Nella Dreams Of Ropes And Gags - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

One moment teacher's assistant Nella Jones was writing an algebraic equation on the blackboard, the next she was standing there bound, gagged and naked! Her slender body mastered with rope, gorgeous Nella twisted carefully on her bare feet while she gazed anxiously around the classroom and mumbled through the white cloth tied between her lips. In an instant, Nella then found herself seated on the desk as her humiliation proceeded; her struggles to escape this mysterious bondage proved futile until she suddenly stood fully clothed back in front of the blackboard. Was it possible that Nella had been dreaming?

Nella looked adorable in a polka-dotted blue bikini but her eyes were wide with worry as she ran from an invisible nemesis, her hands pinned behind her back by ropes coiled around her chest and her lips spread by a red ball-gag. Before long, the blonde beauty's run came to an end and she sat on a stone bench amid lush foliage, her legs hobbled by rope around her knees and ankles. After Nella briefly rose to her feet, she was confined on top of the bench, her legs folded closer to her chest.

Gagged and bound with duct-tape, Nella became a sexy secretary in jeopardy during another adventure emerging from her subconscious. At first seated on the edge of an exotically curved lounge in blouse and skirt, she strained hopelessly against the sticky coils tightened around her legs and chest. After the blouse was spread to expose her breasts, Nella curled up on the lounge in her stockinged feet and rolled from side-to-side in restraint whose origin continued to baffle her.

A new identity materialized for Nella when she battled bondage as an alluring cheerleader. Tape-gagged and with her arms tied behind her head and linked to the stone centerpiece of an outdoor fountain, the spunky cheer-princess managed to temporarily free herself and went on the run again. But more thorough bondage inevitably followed, so that Nella sat trussed-up on the lawn, once again waging a losing battle against the cords that entwined her colorful uniform until she was magically transferred to a metal chair.

The alarming sensations of ropes tightened around her unclothed body energized Nella's resistance during an encounter with nudity even closer to home. Gagged with duct-tape, the powerless dreamer stood at the foot of her bed, attached to its metal frame by the snug crotch-rope inserted between her legs. At last prone on the bed where her dreams began, Nella experienced the restrictive power of a hogtie that compelled her to writhe on her stomach before rolling onto her side.

ID #: HH-323
Price: $25.00