A Tale Of Two Karens - DVD
Two Models, 42 Minutes

"Karens" are attractive and self-absorbed women addicted to gossip and mean- spirited encounters, personality traits that may bring restrictive responses from the offended parties. The first time Nella Jones and Emma Starletto were disciplined for their nasty behavior occurred when an outraged woman overheard them making vicious slanders against her family. Stripped naked and tightly-bound, Emma and Nella sat on a bed; their indignant protests became angry mumbles after cloth was jammed in their mouths and duct-tape sealed their lips. The nude pair struggled fervently side-by-side, then were more thoroughly immobilized when their legs were folded by waist-ankle rope- links.

Did Nella and Emma learn to dial down their obnoxious personalities after an uncomfortable lesson in bondage? Of course not! Otherwise they wouldn't have behaved so badly at the restaurant where they verbally accosted the servers and ruined the ambience for everyone else. Once again reined in by rope, the spoiled brats continued their venomous chatter until cloth and duct-tape gags rendered speech impossible. Although Emma and Nella retained their tops and skirts, they were subjected to a modest degree of bare-breasted humiliation as they twisted in their chairs.

Some brains just don't work very well, as our horrible heroines proved during a workout gone very far south at their local gym. When they noticed a rather heavyset woman disrobing, Nella and Emma decided that their best course of action was to despicably mock the shape of her body. Unfortunately for them, she was an Olympic weightlifter who had no difficulty turning the toxic couple into tightly-tied naked strugglers whose bad-mouthing ceased after knotted cloths were lodged between their lips. At first seated in front of their lockers, Emma and Nella slipped onto the floor but were quickly hitched to the bench where they'd been sitting. Their bare-skinned squirming provided a cautionary exhibition, reminding those around them how not to behave at a fitness center.

Even at home, the Karen complex shaped poisonous attitudes that were manifested in condescending and contemptuous treatment of trust-fund Emma's servants. When the poorly-paid workers finally snapped, their privileged superiors were relegated to separate couches, where they lay bound and tape-gagged, ankles tethered to the furniture where they'd been relaxing. As a last display of disrespect by the long-suffering servants, Emma and Nella were hogtied and left to arch unhappily, bare feet flexing close to the wrists pinned behind their backs.

ID #: HH-327
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