Tied Up Men - DVD
Four Models, 46 Minutes

Bobbi Adore returned home late from a stressful day at work only to experience an even more difficult evening. Bound and gagged with tape by an efficient team of burglars, Bobby watched some of his most prized possessions disappear out the door as he rolled around on his bed.

Jon Rogue enjoyed swimming for awhile, then relaxing by the pool. He had no idea that while he was taking it easy, a thief had entered his house and was working hard at accumulating valuables. Jon only made the discovery when he walked back in for a shocking encounter with the intruder. The slippery crook was better prepared and left Jon in a tight and embarrassing bind after completing his job!

Robby Echo didn't realize what a vindictive enemy he'd made until he was stripped to his briefs, bound and ball-gagged. First standing like a puppet on a chain, then kneeling in pathetic submission, Robby wondered how a simple real-estate deal could go so wrong!

Holly Lace was still supervising hostage Calvin Hardy when she had the bright idea to make him her foot slave. After Calvin was stripped to his briefs, she removed his gag, then compelled him to suck her toes and lick her soles as he knelt on the floor. Once she'd enjoyed sufficient foot worship, Holly teased Calvin with her bare breasts, then hogtied the unlucky accountant to assure that he would remain under her control!

An ordinary day for Bobby Adore had veered into madness when he was pulled off the street and thrown into a van! Driven to a remote location, Bobby lost his clothing, then was tied, gagged and blindfolded by masked operatives. As the young businessman struggled in bondage on the floor, his thoughts raced -- why had he been taken, what did they want from him, how long would he be held?

ID #: MIB-141
Price: $25.00