Lacy Lennon's Hijacked Commercial Shoot - DVD
One Model, 45 Minutes

Vivacious redhead Lacy Lennon was thrilled to be starring in a commercial for a new kitchen product. What Lacy didn't know was that a different sort of casting director had been following her career and was planning a role for her that would require considerably less dialogue. So when the director and crew were sidelined by lawless intruders, the stunned starlet took center stage bound in rope, her voice muffled by the black cloth tied in her mouth. Standing in front of the kitchen sink, Lacy tugged angrily against the rope-link hitching her to the faucet; her indignation escalated after her flower-dotted little dress was rearranged to first reveal her bra, then expose her breasts.

Act 2 also featured Lacy in the kitchen after she was required to exchange the dress for a sleeveless top and tight miniskirt. Coiled in rope and seated on a long-legged chair, the unhappy actress had only a few seconds to voice her objections before cloth was stuffed between her lips and duct-tape was generously applied over her mouth. Barefoot Lacy vigorously challenged the web in which she was trapped but of course was powerless to prevent those enticing breasts from being bared once again.

Lacy was no longer troubled with a costume but stark black rope was tightened around her luscious pink-fleshed body before she was perched on the kitchen counter. Eyes wide above her duct-tape gag, the hijacked performer twisted nervously on the narrow counter as she tried to imagine the direction of this bizarre narrative. The immediate answer to her concerns arrived in the form of a hogtie that left Lacy's naked body arching on the counter, her shapely bare soles impossible to ignore.

The red-haired temptress had good reason to be blue, especially after she stood restrained in frilly bra and panties of the same hue while mouthing a ball-gag of a much darker shade of that color. Lacy was supported by a long rope overhead so was able to turn back and forth cautiously on her bare feet as her desperate battle with bondage continued. Her bra was inevitably folded to reveal rope-framed breasts before the panties were lowered to highlight the appealing fuzzy red triangle between her thighs. Dismayed by her drooling, Lacy was mesmerized by the sight of her writhing bound and gagged body reflected in a full-length mirror nearby.

Naked again, efficiently trussed-up with tan rope and gagged with microfoam tape, Lacy balanced uneasily as she knelt on a low padded chair. The securely-packaged beauty leaned forward to rest her head against the chair's back, a position that offered her greater stability but also presented admirable perspectives on her curved soles, round bottom and pleasing pussy. Lacy's unexpected encounter with ropework concluded when her legs were folded by a waist-ankle tether; she was given a brief chance to speak after her gag was removed although another dose of cloth stuffing and duct-tape swiftly silenced her again. After the renegades departed with their visual treasures, Lacy squirmed in frustration on the chair until the commercial director, no longer locked away, returned to free her and end a day filled with unwelcome surprises.

ID #: HH-328
Price: $25.00