Daring Girls Bound And Gagged In A Deserted House - DVD
Two Models, 44 Minutes

With their secretarial jobs temporarily in limbo, Lily Larimar and Selina Bentz searched for activities to fill their time. When they heard that an expensive house in the neighborhood would be deserted for a week, they decided to make it their temporary residence. Lily and Selina enjoyed their questionable adventure for the first few days but when more desperate intruders showed up, the fun came to a screeching halt. The panic-stricken pair hid in a closet but were quickly rousted out, then trussed up on a massive bed and silenced by knotted cloths. As they struggled across the bed, the anxious girls attempted to free each other but were disciplined with more restrictive ropework that folded their bare feet against their hips. Bound, gagged and bare-breasted, Selina and Lily bitterly regretted their incursion into the vacant house.

The fugitive newcomers were going to stick around for awhile, which meant that Selina and Lily weren't going anywhere either. Briefly freed, Lily swapped her top and shorts for a light-blue teddy while Selina exchanged her dress for bright red bra and panties. Their colorful costumes were mastered by taut white ropes that controlled the anxious couple's bodies as they twisted side-by-side in sturdy chairs and their pleas for release were met cloth-stuffing and duct-tape gags. Lily and Selina writhed even more uneasily after their breasts were exposed again by a female member of the crooked crew who was intrigued by their wide-eyed innocence.

After they were stripped to their panties, Selina sat tied and tape-gagged on the wooden floor while Lily stood against the wall above her, also gagged, bound and supported by a rope-link to the door behind her. Their personal overseer had temporarily run out of rope, however, so Lily's legs had been left untied; briefly left alone, she stretched out a leg so she could pluck at Selina's knotted bonds with her toes when her busty little friend moved closer. But Lily's minimal mobility was even more limited after the mean-spirited woman returned to secure her ankles and knees, then pull down her panties as a bit of nasty humor. As Selina twisted back and forth on her hips while challenging her bondage, Lily balanced carefully on her bare feet and wondered how they would ever escape the house they'd entered on a lark.

While her shady colleagues laid low, the woman who was fascinated by Selina and Lily prepared a tableau that proclaimed her domination over the powerless young women. The bound and tape-gagged nudes knelt facing each other before the bed's headboard and maintained their precarious balance with assistance from links to a rope tied around it. Although she'd impressively established their pathetic submission, their nemesis wasn't satisfied until Lily and Selina lay side-by-side arching in hogties that displayed two alluring pairs of flexing bare soles. Powerless in a way they never could have imagined, the two unfortunate friends were soon aware that their struggles were futile.

The man in charge of the shady operation was annoyed that his henchwoman had become obsessed with Lily and Selina because he was expecting company. So they were stashed in a storage closet, still naked, secured with rope and ball-gagged. Despite their ous plight, both retained their determination to escape the house they'd entered so enthusiastically. When they were certain that their captors were occupied elsewhere, Lily edged forward, raised her legs and opened the closet door with her toes. Selina quickly joined her in wriggling out of the closet; it would take awhile longer to rid themselves of rope but they'd finally exit the house they never should have entered.

ID #: HH-329
Price: $25.00