Bardot And Nix: Detectives In Bondage - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Everyone told them that setting up a detective agency was a bad idea but Vanna Bardot and Natalia Nix were convinced they could use their smarts and hots to succeed in the private investigator profession. All they succeeded in doing, however, was seriously annoying a shady operator who decided to discourage their snooping with a healthy dose of bondage. That's why, instead of relaxing on their bed in skimpy nightwear, Vanna and Natalia struggled nervously against the snug ropework controlling their bodies and mumbling at each other through white cloths tied between their lips. When the feisty friends worked at freeing each other's wrists, they were hitched to separate bedposts and strongly advised to avoid sticking their pretty noses into other people's business.

But the intrepid sexy detectives just couldn't curb their curiosity, so Natalia and Vanna received another visit from the grifter whose questionable operations they attempted to probe. Tied up in tight little dresses that hardly extended below their waists, the barefoot pair were the captive audience for another lecture. Attempts to express their opinions were greeted with pieces of cloth stuffed in their mouths, then followed with applications of dark tape. The bound and gagged girls twisted vigorously on the chairs to which they'd been tethered before undergoing the embarrassment of breast exposure.

The unpleasant man they'd been investigating wasn't convinced that Vanna and Natalia had been successfully diverted from their desire to detect so he escalated the intimidation. Stripped to their panties, Vanna stood bound to a large square post while Natalia lay on a lounge a few feet away, her legs folded by a waist-ankle rope-link. Gagged with knotted cloths, the anxious girls once again discovered that they were overmatched by their tightly- knotted webs, a predicament that soon became more challenging. After Vanna's panties were pulled down, they were replaced by a carefully prepared crotch-rope; a different type of rope exchange connected Natalia's wrists and ankles, assuring that the slender brunette would be trapped in a hogtie.

The ruthless instructor continued his campaign to drive Natalia and Vanna out of the PI business by seating them naked, bound and tape-gagged on a sterile white couch, their ankles tethered to its legs. Their rope-oppressed bodies writhed futilely despite limited mobility until their legs were freed and the unhappy detectives were ordered to kneel on the couch and press their breasts together. Satisfied that Vanna and Natalia had received his message loud and clear, their arrogant captor promised that they'd soon be going back home.

What he didn't tell them was that they'd be left on their bed in significant restraint. Their naked bodies controlled with black zip-ties, Vanna and Natalia sat gagged with microfoam tape and blindfolded. They strained cautiously against the rigid plastic bonds until the blindfolds were dislodged, then tried unsuccessfully to free each other. Rolling onto their stomachs, Natalia and Vanna raised their bare feet and murmured back and forth as they squirmed facedown, a powerless position in which they remained until an astonished friend discovered them.

ID #: HH-330
Price: $25.00