One Bad Girl, Two Bad Girls, Three Bound And Gagged Girls - DVD
Three Models, 50 Minutes

It was just another day on the job for cat-burglar Lola Pearl -- after she surprised bra-and-pantied Selina Bentz in her bedroom, the busty little brunette stood bound and cleave-gagged against a closet while Lola toyed with her. The masked mean-girl received a bonus when Selina's housemate Camila Cano responded to the unusual sounds she was hearing and wound up in the same lingerie-clad bondage. Standing side-by-side, the barefoot pair squirmed indignantly as Lola exposed and fondled their breasts, then turned them face-to-face and pressed their chests together.

Lola knew it was time for the larcenous part of her job but she decided that Selina and Camila should be more securely restrained and silenced. After they were ordered to strip, the naked pair sat trussed-up against the bed's headboard, where Lola gagged them with cloth stuffing and duct-tape. While she prowled throughout the house, the innocent girls struggled in the tight rope webs, then turned back-to-back to tug at each other's bound wrists. When Lola returned, she rearranged Camila and Selina facedown on the bedspread so she could tickle their soft bare soles and nibble on their toes. Once she went back to work, they wriggled on their stomachs against knotted rope that refused to loosen.

After what seemed like hours of battling the ropes, Selina and Camila freed themselves. They assumed that Lola was long gone but were amazed when they found her passed out in the living room, perhaps having slipped on the hardwood floor. Whatever the cause, they were delighted at the opportunity for payback, so when Lola came to, she'd been deprived of her costume and sat naked and bound on a couch between the vengeful girls, who'd clothed themselves before stripping her. Lola tried to express her displeasure but they quieted her with the same cloth-and-duct-tape package she'd used on them before teaming up to tease her breasts. After placing Lola on her stomach, Camila and Selina took turns tickling her bare feet and swatting her bottom. Leaving Lola securely bound and gagged, they decided it was time to call the police but she'd stolen their phones and when they returned there was a new intruder in the house.

The leader of Lola's crew came to check on her when she didn't return quickly from her job and was extremely annoyed to find her the plaything of two civilians. So although Selina and Camila found themselves tied and tape-gagged again, he declined to free Lola, believing that the careless cat-burglar deserved to learn a hard lesson. Angered at her humiliation, she mumbled angrily at the girls sitting on either side and even bumped against them as she twisted in the ropework they'd applied. All three were left alone by Lola's boss, who was performing a final sticky-fingered sweep throughout the house, so first Camila and Selina, then Lola slipped onto the floor and edged toward the door. But they progressed too slowly to make an escape, so remained under his control.

Who's surprised to learn that Lola's boss isn't a very nice man? That's why Camila and Selina were tied up without clothing again, then knelt naked and tape-gagged on couches to the left and right of the unhappy cat-burglar, who lay writhing on her stomach. Commanded to remain in that submissive position, the apprehensive girls did as they were told, balancing cautiously while Lola strained in frustration at her betrayal. As a mean-spirited farewell gesture, the cynical thief left all three nudes hogtied and laughed at the sight of Selina, Camila and Lola all arching desperately against the rope networks confining their bodies.

ID #: HH-332
Price: $25.00