The Sister Trap - DVD
Two Models, 52 Minutes

When the masked figure stepped out of his SUV and casually opened the door to its cargo area, a stunning sight was revealed: Seated side-by-side in the small space were two zip- tied and tape-gagged young women! Dressed for a warm-weather outing in sleeveless tops, denim shorts and sandals, Lily Larimar and Nella Jones had been turned into bound and gagged pawns through no fault of their own. As Nella and Lily strained carefully against their hard plastic restraints, the menacing man explained that they'd be held until their welshing brothers paid off gambling debts owed to him. When they managed to slip out of the car, then stood uncertainly, he cut off the ties controlling their legs and escorted them to a wooden bench surrounded by foliage, where they sat for a moment before he ordered them to remove their clothes.

Humiliation ensued for Nella after she stripped when she was bound with rope, then sat naked and spread-legged on the bench. Unable to conceal her exposure, she twisted hopelessly and murmured past her ball-gag to Lily, who also struggled naked, tied and ball-gagged on the ground beneath her. Although Nella's mobility was strictly limited, Lily worked hard to rotate her body while attempting to loosen her friend's ankle ropes first with toes, then with fingers. But the nude pair remained trapped in bondage until their captor decided to move them indoors.

It was cooler inside the house that had become a prison for Lily and Nella but their naked bodies were still mastered with rope. While they lay powerless on an ornamented carpet, their mouths were stuffed with cloth before their lips disappeared under duct- tape. Intimidated by their plight and lying flat on their backs in opposite directions from each other, the unlucky sisters' squirming failed to loosen the coils controlling their arms and legs. Then Nella and Lilly sat up and struggled closer before maneuvering to pluck with their toes at the knots controlling their ankles; after moving back-to- back, they tugged frantically at bound wrists that resisted this attempt to escape.

The imposing man responsible for their day in bondage surprised Nella and Lily by walking them back outdoors; wearing their denim shorts and sandals again but bare- breasted, tied and tape-gagged, they were led to a pair of lounge chairs where their legs also were pinned together with rope. Their slender bodies were overmatched by taut ropework so Lily and Nella were powerless to prevent the fun-loving felon from removing their sandals and tickling bare soles while they squealed. Later, when they stood and pressed their faces together in an attempt to peel off their gags, he intervened and pressed them together chest-to-chest.

Back indoors and nude once again, Lily and Nella lay on their backs, arms tethered above their heads to the bed's wire frame. Still determined to escape their frustrating restraint, the courageous girls kicked up their feet until their acrobatic agility curved their legs back past their heads. Both used their toes to loosen the knots controlling their wrists and Lily was actually beginning to untangle the rope when their nemesis intervened to dash their hopes. After removing their cleave-gags, he administered cloth stuffing and duct-tape, then folded their legs in a more restrictive manner by hogtying the hapless sisters. Arching on their stomachs and rolling back-to-back, Nella and Lily refused to surrender but their pink-fleshed bodies remained trapped in rope on the pink bedspread until those shiftless brothers finally paid their debts.

ID #: HH-337
Price: $25.00