A Trussed-Up Trio Of Business Beauties - DVD
Three Models, 49 Minutes

Kylie Rocket and Keely Rose were the assistants of a promising new company's CEO, Emma Starletto, who'd angered a much larger corporation's leadership by winning a lucrative contract away from them with a lower bid. Emma wasn't in the office when intimidating operatives came calling, so it was Keely and Kylie who were tied up in their chairs, then were unable to refuse the cloth-stuffing and duct tape that nullified their speech. Satisfied that they'd sent a dramatic message to the assertive CEO, the invaders vanished and left the innocent young executives to struggle bound and gagged until a shocked Emma returned to release them.

Emma promised her shaken subordinates that the company's security would be strengthened but she failed to consider the possibility that bribes would be offered and accepted. So when unpleasant visitors came calling again, it was the lovely blonde CEO who was tied hand and foot in her office chair with a ball-gag strapped between her lips. Emma's pretty little proteges soon joined her, however, sitting trussed-up side-by-side on the desk in their blouses and skirts, their mouths also subjected to ball-gags. Embarrassment followed for the three executives when their blouses were opened to reveal Emma and Kylie's perky breasts as well as Keely's much more substantial bosom. Once the mean-spirited intruders were gone, the desk-bound pair, now tape-gagged, kicked off their heels, then struggled barefoot on the floor, where they were joined by Emma.

After such traumatic events, Emma decided that a relaxing vacation was in order, and all three indeed appeared much more comfortable as they curled up together in lingerie on a large angular couch and played with their phones. Unfortunately, their enemies still resented the upstart company's success so bondage curtailed the pleasant interlude. Kylie lay hogtied on the couch, Keely sat with her legs folded by rope on its other end, while Emma strained against her bonds between them; all were gagged with white cloths tightened between their lips. With predictable nastiness, the powerless women's pursuers bared their breasts once more, which focused a great deal of attention on Keely's impressive chest.

The trio's plight became even more worrisome after they were moved from the couch to a large bed, where they were arranged in a row against the headboard, each one naked, tied and tape-gagged. As they strained desperately against the ropes confining them, the nude businesswomen murmured nervously to each other because they noticed that the ruthless men still had plenty of rope left. Once they used it, Emma arched on her stomach in a hogtie, while Kylie and Keely rolled back and forth, legs folded against their torsos by links between their ankles and webs around their chests. Satisfied by the completion of their assignment, the henchmen departed after amusing themselves with a final glimpse of the helpless women's contortions. Long after they were gone, the unfortunate executives managed to free themselves, at which point Keely and Kylie had a disappointing message for Emma.

Courageous Emma moved forward alone but her deep-pocketed rivals weren't through with her, so ropework closed in on her body somewhat later; gagged with a knotted black cloth and tightly bound, Emma writhed on the floor in her blouse and skirt. When she slipped off her heels and edged toward the door in her stockinged feet, the beleaguered CEO was trapped in place by a waist-ankle tether and her rope- framed breasts exposed. Emma twisted in frustration as her humiliating restraint continued, until a new voice promised an end to the alarming situation.

ID #: HH-339
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