Brad Sterling: Businessman In Bondage - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

Brad Sterling was reflecting on the success of his new online enterprise when a hooded intruder burst into his home office and demanded a piece of the business! Despite the shock of this intrusion, Brad courageously refused -- a decision that led to an uncomfortable encounter with tight ropes and a tape-gag! Believing himself alone, Brad attempted to reach his keyboard and send out a message for help, but the only result was additional rope pinning him to the chair.

Brad hoped that he'd seen the last of the crazed figure but instead was surprised as he slept. After he was trussed-up in his briefs, the same demands were made and when Brad proved stubborn his mouth was stuffed with cloth and taped shut. With his ankles tethered to the bed's headboard, the stunned businessman twisted with futile energy, then his mobility was reduced even further when he was hogtied.

Still in his briefs and roped to a wooden chair, Brad voiced a defiant response to the hooded operative's outrageous requirements until a knotted black cloth was tightened between his lips. The sinister figure hovered nearby while Brad struggled against the taut ropework, then crudely intimidated him by tilting the chair backward while the bound and gagged captive's eyes widened apprehensively.

Brad's understandable anxiety intensified after he was moved to another room and left tied, gagged and blindfolded on the floor. Still unclothed except for his briefs, Brad writhed desperately, always aware of the strange man's evil presence, until he rid himself of the blindfold. But Brad's body remained ruthlessly subdued after a sturdy coil folded his legs against his torso and a tape-gag replaced the cloth between his lips, then he squirmed pathetically when he rolled onto his side.

Although Brad had resisted hours of merciless bondage, he finally caved to this unthinkable pressure and grudgingly worked out a deal with the triumphant evildoer! But the hard-hearted man refused to grant him the dignity of freedom, instead leaving Brad wrapped in clear plastic and duct-tape on his bed as a warning of what could transpire if he reneged on the promises he made.

ID #: MIB-143
Price: $25.00