Natalia Nix's Rough Treatment - DVD
One Model, 48 Minutes

All starlet Natalia Nix wanted was a chance to audition for a choice film role, so when she was brushed off by an elderly producer she refused to give up. But when Natalia returned to his office, she was seized by an associate who tested her performing skills by leaving her zip-tied in a wooden chair after gagging her with cloth- stuffing and duct-tape. The slender brunette showed off her talents with lively struggling as her breasts were bared and sandals removed so that the unconventional exec could examine her slender bare feet. When she tried to hop away despite her plastic bonds, a generous addition of zip-ties pinned her arms and legs to the chair.

Natalia was ready to leave after the zip-ties were cut away but the audition continued after she was ordered to strip. The man towering above her once again stuffed cloth into her mouth and sealed her lips with strips of the duct-tape he then used to bind nude Natalia. The stunned starlet sat twisting on the floor in her sticky restraint until she was turned onto her stomach, legs folded by an effective tape hogtie. Arching frantically on the carpet, Natalia wished that she'd never returned for another audition.

Although Natalia was allowed to clothe herself in a short dress, she remained barefoot and her trial by bondage continued when she sat trapped on an office chair. Gagged with a white cloth, Natalia twisted awkwardly against a growing rope web that folded her legs so that they were raised against her upper body. The questionable character responsible for this bizarre audition intensified its dramatic quality by slipping his hand under the top of the struggling actress's dress.

Once more a naked DID, Natalia was moved from the office to a cramped room filled with abandoned equipment. There she sat on the floor, lotus- tied and gagged with microfoam tape, as she maneuvered her body strenuously against ropework that she had little hope of disrupting, especially after a taut link between her waist and ankles appeared.

Back in a dress and still mastered by rope, Natalia lay on a lounge and murmured unhappily through the knotted black cloth tied between her lips. Her dismay grew after the dress was disrupted to expose her breasts and she was moved to a kneeling position. As she leaned against the end of the lounge, Natalia could hardly move but unintentionally provided the auditioners with an excellent view of her round bottom and shapely bare soles. It had been a rigorous audition but when the producer returned to compliment her, Natalia was sure she'd won the role she wanted.

ID #: HH-340
Price: $25.00