Pretty Researchers Tied-Up And Ripped-Off - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Their company was a small pharmaceutical start-up but attractive CEO Aila Donovan and Head Researcher Bella Rolland were both excited with the progress they were making on a new product. Unfortunately for them, its potential for profit had reached the ears of greedy interlopers, who proceeded with a very unfriendly takeover of the new company. So while Bella was compelled to reveal scientific information to the unwelcome visitors, Aila writhed barefoot, tape-gagged and hogtied on top of her desk. The innocent women changed places when the CEO supplied financial information to the cold-hearted operatives and the tall researcher was controlled by a nearly identical hogtie.

The bold corporate raiders weren't about to allow Aila and Bella to return back to work so the bound and gagged women were hustled separately into the back spaces of two SUVs. When they reached the remote location where they'd be held, the helpless women twisted in rope and murmured to each other through the knotted cloths tied in their mouths after the cars' back doors were opened. Briefly neglected, they boldly slid onto the pavement, then balanced carefully on their bare feet as they stood back-to-back and tugged at each other's bound wrists. But they weren't ignored for long and were taken under control before they could free themselves.

As a reminder of who was in charge and who were being held in bondage, Bella and Aila were stripped to their bras and panties, then seated side-by-side on a small couch in a room under construction. Both women angrily protested their treatment but instead of apologies, they were answered with pieces of cloth stuffed in their mouths that were secured with duct-tape. After the gagged and trussed women's struggling proved futile, Aila took the initiative by sliding off the couch and edging toward a door. Bella followed her example until their escape attempt was thwarted; breasts bared, they huddled against the couch and twisted onto their hips, frustrated that their resistance had failed again.

While their company was looted, Aila and Bella underwent further indignities that began once they lost their lingerie and stood naked in a rope web against a massive chest of drawers. The courageous women continued to express their outrage until their voices were stifled with ball-gags, an addition that caused copious drooling by the humiliated pair. Bella and Aila strained indignantly against their bonds as they were mocked by a heartless captor, who later ordered them to turn and rub their breasts together, a distasteful activity they were powerless to resist.

Once the despicable takeover was complete, the ruthless swindlers generously allowed their hapless marks to curl up next to each other on a large bed. Of course, the naked women were still tightly bound, legs folded by waist-ankle tethers, and their lips sealed with duct-tape. Aila and Bella refused to surrender, however, so they brought their faces together in an attempt to peel off their gags. This act of defiance drew a swift response in the form of hogties that left the nude businesswomen squirming on their stomachs in the same awkward positions that they'd experienced at the beginning of the nightmarish day. But when they were finally free of the oppressive ropes, Aila's spirit remained unbroken and she promised Bella that the battle for their discoveries wasn't over.

ID #: HH-342
Price: $25.00