Kylie Rockets Into Ropework - DVD
One Model, 48 Minutes

Her online identity was Kylie Rocket and she had a fast-working brain to match the name. Kylie had used her smarts to mine a substantial quantity of bitcoin but hadn't counted on an envious housemate who informed a shady character about the potential profit to be squeezed from her laptop. That's why the petite brunette found herself tied up on her bed while the thief demanded to know the location of the loaded laptop. The smart girl played dumb so he left to dig through the house but when Kylie panicked and began to call for help he returned to gag her. The cloth didn't remain in her mouth for long, however, because the creative crook soon removed her sandals along with the gag so he could attempt to stimulate Kylie's memory by tickling her soft little soles. Giggling ensued but no confession so a thicker cloth found its way between Kylie's lips and her short black dress was rearranged to display enticing breasts surrounded by rope.

Kylie's intelligence was linked to a feisty personality so she refused to give up a lode of money without a struggle. And there would be plenty of struggling in her future after the defiant genius was clothed in bra and panties, then pinned to a chair in a generous application of rope. When Kylie dropped an F-bomb on her unwelcome guest, he retaliated by inserting a cloth pack into her mouth, followed by duct-tape. While he continued to search for the moneymaker, Kylie twisted urgently in her restrictive plight, her eyes expressing the anxiety she'd hidden under a brave facade. Breasts exposed again, Kylie challenged her bondage with all the strength her small, toned body could summon but remained in restraint when the triumphant crook returned with the laptop.

Despite her precarious situation, Kylie refused to surrender the password that would allow her greedy oppressor to drain all those dollars. So she lost her bra entirely, then stood hitched to a chest of drawers with a new style of rope that snaked up between her legs until it met the coils around her chest. Kylie was also introduced to the hard rubber intrusion of a ball-gag, a development that led to copious drooling as she tugged against bonds that refused to loosen. Moved onto the shiny granite top of the chest, her legs folded by a waist-ankle tether, Kylie still refused to cooperate but her feistiness was beginning to fade.

The nearly-naked Kylie was moved to an empty closet where she sat on the floor, her dark day symbolized by the black rope binding her body. Dark tape also sealed her lips, so Kylie could only mumble her hostile response when the gloating thief informed her that a hacker pal of his would soon arrive to solve the riddle of her laptop. Enraged by the looming success of his scheme, Kylie writhed with renewed energy, then edged out of the closet while he was distracted. Before she could go far, though, the courageous girl was returned to her bar-less cell where she was more strictly confined by a rope-link folding her legs. Kylie's panties were also pulled down to her bound ankles, then she was humiliated when the vile man produced his phone and snapped photos of her pathetic plight for his private collection.

As she lay bound and naked on the that treacherous housemate's spacious bed, Kylie knew that any hope of retaining the wealth she'd created had disappeared. Her despair triggered a verbal attack on the smug crook that he answered in familiar fashion by filling Kylie's mouth with cloth and sealing it in place with duct- tape. Because her legs were hitched to a bedpost, she could only roll about awkwardly on the bed until a more rigorous connection between her wrists and ankles limited her mobility to an even greater degree. While Kylie arched helpless and hogtied, her nemesis tossed the laptop, now empty of value, next to her and introduced his computer-savvy partner in crime. Both evildoers were amused by the angry captive's contortions, but before long Kylie would encounter the first satisfying surprise of her unsettling day.

ID #: HH-343
Price: $25.00