Keely And Charlotte's Homebound Struggles - DVD
Two Models, 47 Minutes

Keely Rose never had a chance to escape. When strangers searching for buried loot burst uninvited into her house, it didn't take them long to turn the busty little redhead into a tied and gagged onlooker. After housemate Charlotte Sins returned home, Keely tried to warn her by mumbling through her gag but Charlotte seriously misunderstood her friend's predicament. The lithe blonde quickly discovered that her sexy pal wasn't playing a kinky game when she also became a trussed-up captive seated on the floor next to Keely, a thick black cloth tied between her lips. Determined to free themselves, Charlotte and Keely writhed back-to-back and plucked at each other's wrists; frustrated by failure, Charlotte exerted maximum energy rolling around barefoot on the floor but the efficient ropework easily restrained both innocent women.

When the thieving intruders recognized that locating the hidden cash would take longer than expected, Charlotte and Keely were pinned to widely-separated wooden chairs in more restrictive rope webs; as they begged for release, a ruthless thug stuffed cloth in their mouths before sealing their lips with duct- tape. Desperate to escape, the bound and gagged friends pressed their bare toes against the floor and slowly edged their chairs closer together so they could reach out to each other's knotted wrists. The strenuous initiative failed, however, and once their proximity was obvious, the unforgiving crooks warned Charlotte and Keely against resisting their bondage by baring each struggling woman's breasts.

The stolen cash supposedly buried in the backyard was proving elusive so the shady characters searching for it were becoming increasingly impatient. The nasty consequence for Keely and Charlotte was the loss of all clothing except their panties; seated at opposite ends of a couch, they were ordered to remain motionless. But before long, the desire to elude those vicious thieves holding them led Charlotte and Keely to one more attempt at battling the ropes in which their nearly naked bodies were trapped. After slipping off the couch and standing up cautiously, the tape-gagged pair balanced on their bare feet while leaning back-to-back and working on the stubborn coils pinning their wrists. Vigilant evildoers soon ended the futile task, so Keely and Charlotte were returned to the couch where they were separated again and curled up on their hips, legs folded by waist-ankle links.

One of the nastier thieves decided that despite Charlotte and Keely's secure restraint, they appeared too comfortable on the couch. So the unfortunate housemates soon stood side-by-side against the wall, their colorful panties matched by the ball-gags strapped between their lips. Always looking for a way out of their plight, Charlotte edged toward a nearby window, her movement slowed by bound ankles. If she'd had a little more time, Charlotte could have raised the blind and tried to alert a passerby but was thwarted at the last moment. After she was placed back next to Keely, they both obeyed a warning to stay motionless after their panties were pulled down to their ankles.

The quest for hidden loot came to a successful conclusion but of course the unhappy witnesses would have to remain naked, tied and tape-gagged after their captors were gone. So Keely curled up helpless on her bed while Charlotte sat hitched to a window seat nearby, both fervently hoping that they'd seen the last of their hard-hearted visitors. But these unlucky friends simply couldn't catch a break, because when energetic Charlotte pulled free of the tether and hopped over to the bed, her final escape attempt was rigorously disciplined. The vibrant blonde's mobility was drastically limited by a hogtie and as she arched angrily, buxom Keely squirmed next to her in a house they at last had to themselves.

ID #: HH-344
Price: $25.00