Savannah Has Bondage On Her Bound - DVD
One Model, 48 Minutes

Savannah Sixx is an attractive, hard-working young woman who had never thought about being tied up and gagged. After a pair of shocking encounters at her office, however, Savannah couldn't think of anything else. The first occurred when a wily thief got word of a cash-filled safe with very little security surrounding it -- in fact, only a pretty office-worker who was quickly subdued with rope, then sarcastically seated on the empty safe with a cloth tied in her mouth. Trussed-up in her jacket and skirt, Savannah twisted nervously until she worked up the courage to slip off her heels before attempting to hop across the floor in her stockinged feet. But the burglar hadn't completed his business yet, so the unlucky girl was moved to the floor, her legs folded by a rope-link and her eye- catching breasts exposed.

Savannah's exceptionally bad fortune manifested itself again a month later when her office once more was visited by unfriendly people with rope. A fugitive couple needed a change of clothing for the feminine partner, so Savannah surrendered her casual Friday apparel, then was seated on the edge of her desk once she was tightly bound in bra and panties. While his partner was slipping into Savannah's top and skirt, her unsympathetic comrade stuffed cloth in the powerless girl's mouth before sealing her lips with duct-tape. Although the barefoot brunette was already securely restrained, the predatory pair decided to double down on Savannah's immobility by leaving her to arch indignantly in a hogtie on the desk and create a memorable sight for the co- worker who returned to find her.

Shortly after her second unsettling event, bondage began to invade Savannah's dreams. Breathing heavily under the covers, she envisioned her naked body stretched out on the bed, her wrists tethered above her to its headboard and her ankles pinned together at its foot. Savannah's tape-gagged dream-self strained in alarm against her bonds until she was stunned when her ankles were separated and tethered to separate bedposts. Trapped in a spreadeagle, Savannah writhed nervously although some of the sounds emerging behind her gag revealed a sensual appreciation of her pussy-exposed plight.

Nudity was apparently the default dream-state for Savannah's voluptuous body because in a second midnight fantasy she stood unclothed and bound to a wooden post. A shining red ball-gag spread her lips while an ingenious rope network encircled her breasts and snaked through her snatch. Even though the position limited her movements, Savannah's breathtaking undulations revealed a subconscious fascination with the confinement to which her body was subjected. A blindfold completed the process that ensured Savannah would be unable to escape her bondage dream-world.

Savannah loved to relax under the skillful hands of a masseuse but when she found herself on a massage table during her dreams, all she felt were ropes tightened against her naked flesh. Pinned facedown on the table, hands bound behind her back and tape-gagged, the dreamer wriggled on her stomach but failed to loosen the coils around her waist or raise her legs. Suddenly Savannah no longer lay on the table, instead balancing precariously on her knees until she curled up on her hip in surrender to her bound and gagged state.

ID #: HH-347
Price: $25.00