Men In Ropes And Women In Control - DVD
Five Models, 52 Minutes

After Axel Aces discovers that Holly Manning is a corporate spy, he tries to blackmail her into intimate relations with him. But he's messed with the wrong girl, as Axel discovers after Holly overpowers and ties him up! Stripped of his shirt, gagged with duct tape and tightly bound, Axel cowers on the floor while Holly Manning sits above him on the desk and menaces him with her spike heels! Barefoot domination follows as Holly pushes Axel onto his side and leaves no doubt who's in charge here!

Sexy secretary Cassidy Klein is avenging the harassing behavior of her boss Lucas Frost by starting some disciplinary action with a little bed bondage tickling! After a little tickle torment, Cassidy Klein gives Lucas a bit of a break and flips her captive over to give his bottom some well deserved spanking! Back on his back, Lucas is relieved to not be tickled anymore, but things get a little hard when hot Cassidy Klein teases the helpless fella giving him a peak of the pink and grabbing a handful of "wood"!

Masseuse Alix Lynx suggests to her client Max Evergreen that she offers a special massage that involves him being tied down on the table! Max goes along with his masseuse's bondage ideas until she begins to tickle his feet, but his complaints are met with a tape-gag, then kinky Alix Lynx goes wild by teasing him with her bare breasts and massaging his face with her bare feet!

Nathan Bronson was halfway into yet another evening of obscene phone calls when karma came back at him! Riley Reyes confronts Nathan determined to punish him for having subjected her to several disgusting phone calls in recent weeks. Riley ties Nathan up with his hands strung up to the ceiling and stuffed cloth into his mouth. Riley vented her feelings with a series of titty-twisters that had Nathan squirming and struggling to get away. Then a truly diabolical plan popped into Riley's imagination. "Hey Nathan," she purred, "Have you ever been pantsed?"

As Christmas comes to a close, Robby Echo daydreams about the perfect gift -- and what do you know, the gift materializes in the form of naughty elf Celeste Star! As the submissive hunk kneels in his underwear, tied hand and foot, Celeste treats him to holiday domming! Celeste Star first maneuvers her spiked heels, then her bare feet, into pulse-pounding proximity to a portion of Robby Echo's anatomy swelling under his boxers! Just in case he has any doubt about his subjugated status, Celeste rolls the ball- gagged Robby onto his side so he can serve as her foot-stool!

ID #: MIB-144
Price: $25.00