Cute Waitresses in Bondage! - DVD
Two Models, 38 Minutes

Two pretty waitresses were relaxing after a hard day's work when a larcenous pair arrived. Nella Jones and Freya Parker were tied up in their classic waitress uniforms, gagged with white cloths, then seated on opposite sides of the booth where they'd been taking it easy. After Nella slid off her seat and hopped over to Freya in an attempt to loosen their bonds, they were reseated with their ankles hitched to the table-leg, a solution that held the unfortunate servers firmly in place.

Before the greedy visitors left, they deprived Freya and Nella of their vintage uniforms and the diner of a surprisingly large amount of cash. Clad in nothing but their panties, tightly bound and tape-gagged, the bare-breasted waitresses struggled on the booth seats; long-legged Freya twisted energetically while Nella curled on her hip. Later both unlucky ladies arched on their stomachs after the thieves limited their mobility with hogties.

Weeks later, housemates Nella and Freya were kicking back in their cute dresses and trying to put the incident behind them when a shady detective came calling. He'd heard rumors that the waitresses weren't so innocent and had profited from the restaurant theft. So while he searched their home with Nella's assistance, wide-eyed Freya sat tied and tape-gagged on the couch where she'd been playing with her phone moments before. Although Nella soon joined her in bondage, both women vigorously resisted their restraint; when they began to cooperate too closely, the annoyed intruder positioned the barefoot pair facedown on the couch, ankles connected by a rope-link. After he left empty-handed, Freya managed to free her legs and squirmed along the floor.

Nella and Freya's misadventure came full-circle when the woman who'd helped to tie them up at the diner reappeared. They lost their clothing much more quickly, then stood naked, secured in rope and tape-gagged while she searched for more of that elusive cash. Hurried attempts to free themselves were futile but led them to more restrictive ropework on a nearby bed, where Nella and Freya writhed in frustration, their legs folded by yet more rope.

ID #: HH-349
Price: $25.00