Zoe's Bondage Trickery - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Zoe Sparx was disappointed that best friend Nella Jones refused to play bondage games with her. Unwilling to take "No" for an answer, Zoe contacted a third-party with ropework expertise to pay a visit that would snare her and Nella together in a dramatic situation. When her acquaintance delivered on his promise, naive Nella and sneaky Zoe sat side-by-side on a sofa, both securely tied in their purple party dresses and gagged with knotted black cloths. Later barefoot and with their legs folded, they struggled together, one with authentic anxiety, the other playing her role. Zoe squirmed so enthusiastically that she managed to roll over into Nella's lap, a position that delighted her.

After they were stripped to similar sets of skimpy black lingerie, Zoe and Nella stood bound in a crevice carved out of the expansive living room. Zoe's secret co-conspirator added mouth-filling gags by stuffing frilly pairs of panties between lips that were quickly sealed with duct-tape. As they sat together, Zoe lowered her head onto her friend's shoulder in search of consolation, but Nella was eager to escape and began to edge toward nearby steps that would lead out of their sub-surface confinement. When her escape attempt was thwarted, however, they sat linked together by a rope around their waists, an alteration that allowed Zoe to snuggle even closer to Nella while they both strained against bonds that bothered the naughty blonde not at all.

Zoe's plot brought even more daring consequences when she and Nella lost their lingerie, and the naked pair were then roped separately to barstools and ball-gagged. Bound hand and foot, Nella strained fervently while Zoe did her best to imitate her friend's efforts while relishing the nude restraint. Zoe then stretched out her legs and tugged with her toes at the knots pinning Nella's ankles together before boldly moving her feet up between her BFF's legs, a development that widened Nella's eyes. She didn't have to worry about any more confusing physical contact after both girls were hogtied on top of the narrow bar, but clearly found her position more problematic than Zoe, who arched zestfully against the challenging bondage.

Bedtime for Zoe and Nella, though they'd be staying wide awake after they were allowed to clothe themselves in silky pajamas before being bound and gagged with tape; Zoe's black garments were coiled with silver tape while black tape was tightened around Nella's shiny suit. Excited by the success of her scheme, Zoe continued to maneuver close to Nella as they sat against the pillows, then rolled around on the bed.

Back to bare skin for a pair whose attitudes to their mutual bondage had been strikingly different. Kneeling face-to-face on the bed and tape-gagged, Zoe and Nella were once again held together by a waist-rope that allowed the sexy trickster to nuzzle close to the enticing target of her desire. Zoe's sensual approach grew bolder after the conjoined couple lay on their sides and her legs slipped between Nella's knees. But wait a minute -- was that Nella returning the favor, then sharing gag kisses with Zoe? Maybe the sneaky lass had the right idea all along.

ID #: HH-352
Price: $25.00