There's No Escaping The Rope, MIB! - DVD
Five Models, 44 Minutes

Lola Pearl enjoys having total control over poor trussed-up Dogo DaVinci. Lola teases him relentlessly, pinching his nipples and squeezing his balls under his shorts, and there's nothing he can do about it!

Naked Alix Lynx discovers an unusual present when she finds Max Evergreen bound and gagged on her bed. He's dressed in a dark shirt and slacks -- but not for long, as she opens the shirt and pulls down his pants! Alix enjoys teasing Max with her luscious body and comments gleefully about the bulge that appears in his briefs!

A competitive game of cards takes an awkward turn when Jack Rockwell gets caught cheating by the guys! They decide the best way for Jack to pay is to humiliate him in bondage! While struggling in the ropes the humiliated card cheat Jack Rockwell falls over and rolls around on the shag carpet!

Tied to an office chair and connected to the ceiling Dane works hard to try and free himself from his predicament. But with the rope so tight and a cloth gag muffling his calls it seems help won’t be coming soon.

Victoria June was feeling especially aroused. "C'mon, I'm really in the mood tonight!" Robby Echo was having none of it. "I'm tired, and I have to get up early in the morning. Tomorrow's an important day at work." Robby dropped off to sleep while Victoria pouted... and then she plotted! When Robby woke up later that night, he found himself in some trouble! Victoria gave him a piece of her mind: "I'm going to use you for my own pleasure!"

ID #: MIB-145
Price: $25.00