Natalia's Unlucky Shopping Trip - DVD
One Model, 46 Minutes

Lovely Natalia Nix returned home enthusiastically after a shopping expedition until she discovered that one of the bags was not actually hers. Confusion turned to consternation when strangers arrived claiming that Natalia had stolen jewelry belonging to them. Her denial failed to convince them so while they searched her home, the long-legged brunette lay trussed-up on her bed, her voice muffled by the cloth tied between her lips. When it appeared barefoot Natalia might try to escape, her legs were folded in a lotus-tie and her bright red lingerie was rearranged to reveal her breasts.

Annoyed because Natalia continued to claim that she knew nothing about the jewels, the impatient intruders roped her to a chair in a tight pink dress, then stuffed cloth in her mouth and sealed it with duct-tape. Natalia sat twisting anxiously in the rope web as her house was ransacked but failed to loosen her bonds; breasts bared again, the bound and gagged girl could only wait for her greedy visitors' next move.

Poor Natalia -- the unhappy shopper lay facedown on a long couch, tightly bound and tape-gagged in nothing but her panties; her slender bare feet were toe-tied and a long rope connection held her in place on the furniture. The frustrated thieves later increased Natalia's restraint by folding her legs into a hogtie that held her firmly in its embrace as her slender body tested its restrictive power.

Because her legs were untied, Natalia thought she had a chance to get away even though her hands were tied behind her back and she was ball-gagged. Left momentarily unsupervised, she ran but didn't get far, so after her ankles and knees were pinned with rope, Natalia stood naked and linked to a metal bar above her head. Unable to do more than turn back and forth cautiously on her bare feet, Natalia was unpleasantly surprised when a crotch-rope was tightened between her legs.

Sorry, Natalia -- you weren't the one that stole the jewelry, it was actually one of our partners gone rogue. That's the apology that should have been offered to her by the shameless pair; instead the female partner demonstrated some kinky affection for her hostess by leaving her entangled in an ingenious rope network. Still naked, Natalia lay tape-gagged on a small circular lounge with her hands tied together under her knees and her feet tied down until a final alteration raised her legs high in the air to create embarrassing pussy exposure.

ID #: HH-355
Price: $25.00