A Spy In Need Of Rescue - DVD
One Model, 51 Minutes

Rico Hernandez knew he was in big trouble -- tied, gagged and blindfolded, he was pushed into a room he couldn't see by the beautiful woman who'd tricked him into bondage. Kendra James was a spy with much more experience than Rico, so once she'd seated him on a couch and tied his legs together, the blindfold came off and the interrogation got serious. After Rico shook his head and mumbled his refusal to cooperate, Kendra left him to struggle alone, confident that the ropes would hold him securely until she returned.

Kendra upped the ante by taking Rico outdoors and seating him on a wooden bench; stripped to his boxers, tightly roped up and ball-gagged, the novice spy shivered in a chilly wind while his enticing interrogator alternated tough talk with teasing maneuvers that brought her bare foot up to his face. She gave him time to consider his alternatives without her distracting presence so Rico did his best to loosen his bonds while writhing on the bench but once again failed to free himself.

Kendra was becoming impatient so when she brought Rico back indoors he was perched on a narrow bar, where the trussed and tape-gagged prisoner twisted carefully in his underwear. Because he was still unwilling to give Kendra the answers she wanted, Rico was rolled onto his stomach and hogtied to emphasize his submission to the ruthless woman. Arching energetically on the hard granite countertop, Rico wondered if he would ever escape his rigorous restraint.

Still bound in his boxers, Rico sat on a large rock in the spacious room while Kendra tirelessly continued her questioning. When he remained defiant, the angry operative stuffed cloth in his mouth and taped it shut, then toyed with the powerless man before placing him on the floor. While Rico lay squirming in his robe web, Kendra played the dominant role she enjoyed by pressing her bare foot against his face as she towered over him.

Although Kendra was impressed by Rico's stubborn resistance, she refused to lose this battle of wills so she moved him outside again where he stood tied to a concrete pillar on a small patio. The questioning was even more intense than before, yet it failed to motivate the bound man, who was then gagged with a stocking (?-wasn't sure about this). Kendra's sensual temptations also left Rico unmoved, so the frustrated agent finally realized she'd reached an impasse. But Rico was no longer her main problem after she was surprised and seized by a savvier operative who had restrictive plans for her.

ID #: MIB-146
Price: $25.00