Ask Susan - DVD
Three Models, 46 Minutes

Lola Pearl had a problem: Her pretty new neighbor Nella Jones was infatuated with her husband. So Lola wrote to her newspaper's advice columnist Susan asking for help and was thrilled when her letter was printed. In response, the columnist suggested that Lola's husband tie and gag her, then do the same to Nella when she paid a visit; after that experience, the flirting neighbor might have a different attitude toward hubby. The couple reacted with enthusiasm and Lola was quickly bound and seated in an armchair; after stuffing cloth between her lips and covering her mouth with duct tape, he encouraged his wife to practice the dramatic response to bondage she'd make when Nella discovered her. Leggy Lola gave a first-rate performance, twisting energetically in the chair, her wide eyes expressing anxiety that briefly gave way to playful giggling. Slipping out of her high heels, Lola stretched her legs over a chair arm and flexed her bare feet while she waited for Nella's arrival.

Nella was indeed stunned when she found Lola bound and gagged, then was seized by the man who she'd found so appealing. Within moments, she sat next to Lola on a couch, tied up in her crop-top and short skirt while her friend wore only thong panties; both women were gagged with knotted cloths. Nella made authentic efforts to free herself but Lola did her best to thwart those struggles while pretending to match her zeal for escape. When Nella slid onto the floor, Lola did the same and continued to interfere with the sexy neighbor's contortions by rolling on top of her.

The campaign to alter Nella's emotions continued after she was clad in a cute new dress and sat trussed-up and tape-gagged on a chair opposite Lola, who was seated on a wooden bench in similar ropework and gag. Eager to get loose, Nella reached out to elusive Lola with her bare feet before hopping over and sitting next to her so they could work on each other's bound wrists. Although the conspiring wife didn't cooperate, after Nella was secured to the chair by tethers high and low, Lola had her legs raised and her ankles hitched to the bench's arm. Plentiful resistance followed but both wife and neighbor were efficiently trapped in their respective rope webs.

Lola and Nella were released long enough to manage another change of clothes, then were once again tied and tape-gagged though their legs were left free. So the pair were able to briefly roam together before standing huddled in the corner of a room for a moment -- until Nella finally escaped the house and never looked back. Lola celebrated the success of the unconventional plan by playing her heroine role with even more zest as she rolled around on the hardwood floor.

In a bonus scene, fetching Madi Meadows was preparing for a costume party when a very unwelcome visitor came calling. Her snug orange costume coiled with rope, Madi sat on the edge of a large roll-top desk and mouthed a knotted black gag. When she kicked off her heels and tried to hop away barefoot, Madi was hitched to a wooden chair, where her uniform was opened to reveal first her bra, then her eye-catching breasts. As the lovely brunette squirmed unhappily, her wicked admirer took photos with his phone.

ID #: HH-359
Price: $25.00