What Are You Two Chicks Doing In Here? - DVD
Two Models, 46 Minutes

Charly Summer and Lexi Anne Garza sat next to each other on the floor, their small bodies controlled by rope and their mouths covered by black cloth gags. Eyes widening in disbelief, they strained against their bonds while listening to a man accuse them of snooping. Left briefly alone, the anxious prisoners struggled desperately, then turned back-to-back so they could tug at each other's bound wrists. When Lexi freed her hands, she was able to release herself and Charly; they ran to the door but escaping their plight was not going to be as easy as they hoped.

Back in bondage, Charly and Lexi sat side-by-side on armless chairs; their pleas to remain ungagged were met with cloth-pieces stuffed between their lips followed by strips of duct-tape over their mouths. Courageous Charly edged her chair closer to Lexi in an attempt to repeat the earlier success in loosening knots. No such luck this time because when they were caught, the chairs were turned to face each other and their clothing was rearranged to reveal two pairs of rope-framed breasts. The barefoot girls continued their exertions against restrictive rope webs until good news arrived -- they'd be set free!

Not so fast -- before they could slip away, another operative claimed that despite their innocent appearance, Lexi and Charly were indeed spies! Deprived of their clothing, the naked pair stood trussed to a square post, their backs turned to each other. Trapped in ropework that pinned them to the post and mouthing white cloth gags, Charly and Lexi were capable of only slight movements as they murmured to each other. As time passed, they were lowered onto the floor, where they sat attached to the post while twisting onto their hips.

The two petite nudes were moved to another location, where they sat tied hand-and-foot on opposite ends of a lounge, their ankles tethered to its legs. Gagged with microfoam tape, Lexi and Charly leaned back awkwardly while reaching out toward each other but their hands were unable to make contact. Their restraint became much more difficult, however, after they were hogtied; their naked bodies pressed close together on the lounge's limited surface, Charly and Lexi arched with energetic futility against the rope-links between their hands and bare feet.

Lexi and Charly were relieved at being released from the hogties but were reminded of their submissive position by zip-ties around their wrists and ankles. Conscious of the rigid restraints, they made cautious exertions while seated on a couch but became more daring after slipping onto the floor. Charly rolled onto her side and reached out to Lexi's wrists in an effort to free them that had little chance of success but the appearance of a familiar face soon brought their ordeal to an end.

ID #: HH-360
Price: $25.00