Edgy Promotional Gimmicks - DVD
Two Models, 47 Minutes

Musical duo Emma Starletto and Lily Larimar were looking forward to the release of their latest song when their agent came up with an exciting concept to publicize it -- a series of music videos in which they'd appear as bound and gagged starlets! Lily and Emma were happy to go along with his suggestion, so had their first experience with bondage as they sat tied up on a couch in their denim-influenced outfits. The agent thoughtfully added a dramatic touch by stuffing cloth in their mouths before applying duct-tape. Then the silenced singers were left to energetically play their roles, first struggling together on the couch before Lily slid onto the floor; both had their sneakers removed to reveal two delicate pairs of bare feet.

Their second video went for a more glamorous vibe, with Emma in a short black dress and Lily in an equally dark crop-top and even shorter skirt. An attempt to display their vocal talents was rudely interrupted, after which they were limited to cleave-gag-stifled murmurs while seated on top of a desk with white rope coiled around their tops. High heels were soon removed to allow more mobility for the barefoot musicians; as the video unfolded, Lily suddenly sat squirming on a guitar- themed carpet while Emma's legs dangled over the desk's edge. Moments later, they traded places and Emma leaned forward on the floor so that Lily could pluck at her bound wrists with bare toes.

The project took a daring turn with Lily and Emma scantily-clad in bras and panties while they sat facing each other on a bright blue bed. Tied hand and foot, legs folded by waist- ankle links and gagged with microfoam tape, the alluring blondes undulated in restraint and brought their taped lips together in a moment more sensual than escapist. Rigorous bondage followed in the form of hogties that bowed slender bodies after bras disappeared; Emma and Lily raised sparkling eyes to dramatically plead for release while flexing shapely bare soles. After rolling back-to-back, the bare-breasted pair wriggled together, their partnership closer than ever.

To ramp up the provocation, Lily and Emma were entirely unclothed and their naked bodies were webbed with more rope than ever before while they sat side-by-side in folding chairs. Despite their extremely limited mobility, the eye-catching performers rhythmically tested their bonds while mouthing knotted cloth gags and expressing a range of emotions with wide, searching eyes. When the chairs were turned so that Emma and Lily faced each other, both girls leaned forward with all their strength to close the distance between them in a touching display of their mutual affection.

The final scene delivered an edge made possible by the zip-ties with which Emma and Lily were simply but emphatically secured. The nude beauties sat on small stools, their struggles suppressed by the rigid plastic restraints pinning their wrists, knees and ankles. Although they were still able to twist slowly, when Lily and Emma turned back-to-back, it was their eyes that looked outward to reveal pride in their performance.

ID #: HH-361
Price: $25.00