Super C's Bondage Adventures - DVD
62 Minutes, Two Models

Starring Madi Meadows and Jenna Noelle
Directed by Jon Woods

Famous crimestopper "Super C" (Madi Meadows) gives a candid interview and shares the tales of some her less-than- successful exploits. She admits that she knows some of her fans are probably hoping she'll get caught, bound and gagged, but she's still encouraged that everyone in the city is behind her neverending efforts to defeat evil. The masked babe begins her stories with an embarrassing encounter with the villain known as "Duct Tape Man." Super C (in her boots, cape, long gloves, mask and star-spangled bikini) is unprepared for his ingenious device that launches silver tape and subdues the stunning paragon of justice, pinning her arms to her sides. Her protests are answered with more strips of flying duct tape that secure her legs, and the final insult of a duct tape gag! Poor Super C struggles against the sticky restraints, but she's powerless to stop the villain from exposing her breasts and making his escape. But Duct Tape Man does return to make her defeat even more humiliating by taping her wrists together and unmasking the luckless super- lady. She continues her ineffective struggles, now painfully aware she's completely stuck until someone comes to free her.

Super C then explains that it's not just the bad guys who cause trouble for her... sometimes it's the cops! She tells the tale of going to stop a burglary, and no sooner does she see the emptied safe and realize she's arrived too late when the lights come on and she's cornered by suspicious and skeptical police officers. The bikini'd crimebuster is handcuffed, and she angrily tries to tell the cops who she is and that the real villains are escaping. But her unruly behavior only makes the officers restrain her more. The hapless super-lady is seated and leg-irons have been added to her bondage -- along with a snug white cleavegag! Super C's top is pulled down to reveal her breasts, and she makes a futile effort to get them to listen to her. But they aren't paying attention to their subdued suspect, and they also remove her mask before this disgraceful mistake is finally resolved.

For her next story, Super C tells of an encounter with her arch-nemesis "Gizmo." She tracked him down to his secret lair, and she thought she finally had him cornered. But she learns too late that it was all a trap! She inadvertently snags a tripwire and a net drops down on her! She tries to free herself, but it's no use! She's been caught again! Now Super C has been relieved of her costume, with the singular exception of her boots, and she's hogtied on the floor, ballgagged and blindfolded! The fiendish villain has vanquished Super C again, and she's naked and helpless! The humiliated champion of good rolls around on the floor and struggles against the unyielding ropes, but it looks like she's going to remain there until she's rescued. She ultimately works the blindfold off, but she can't get loose, nor stop from uncontrollably drooling past her ballgag.

The interview concludes, and Super C notices her mysterious interviewer has been unusually quiet. But it's too late she realizes that this has all been another trap by the archvillain Gizmo, and she has no choice but to stand up and meekly put her hands behind her back. When we next see the gorgeous crimefighter, she's ballgagged and roped into a classic position on the sofa, her breasts have been bared and her star-spangled shorts have been pulled down to her bound knees. Super C is enraged at the thought of being bested and humiliated by the villain again, and she tries her best to escape from this mortifying situation. She twists and struggles against the ropes, but it seems like Super C is destined to suffer another ignominious defeat!

In "The Flight Attendant's Dilemma," sexy air hostess Jenna Noelle (in an adorable flight attendant uniform, stockings and heels) accidentally discovers her co-worker is involved in a money laundering scheme, smuggling large quantites of cash in her luggage. She tries to warn her friend against this dangerous course, but Jenna's fellow flight attendant tells her that she's the one who's in trouble now. The luscious brunette is then cleavegagged and hogtied on the bed. Her former friend promises that this is the end of her criminal career, and she just needs to keep Jenna out of the way until she can complete this final deal. She also tells the helpless beauty that someone will be coming by later to check on her. The roped-up damsel is then left alone, and she valiantly struggles to free herself. But despite all her twisting and rolling on the bed, the knots hold fast. Then she's dismayed when she hears the door. A stranger enters and makes the sinister declaration that now they're going to have some fun.

Jenna is stripped down to her bra and panties, and she's wearing different heels. She's gagged with medical tape and tied down to the bed with her hands pulled up and bound behind her head. And her mysterious keeper has also secured a powerful vibrator between her thighs. He informs the luckless damsel that her friend's flight was delayed, and so he has to keep her prisoner a bit longer until the transaction is completed. But he's decided to help keep things interesting for both of them while they wait. The Hitachi is activated, and Jenna tries to squirm away from the relentless drone of the device. But though she struggles against her bonds, she can't escape from the irresistible influence of the vibrator. Despite her best efforts, the seductive drone ultimately drives her over the edge and she succumbs to an unstoppable bondage orgasm. But how much longer will the stranger hold her prisoner?

ID #: JW-152
Price: $25.00