Punish The MIBs With Rope - DVD
Six Models, 53 Minutes

After businessman Nathan Bronson's tied to a chair in his suit, sexy thief Riley Reyes smiles as she removes stacks of cash from his safe. Before leaving Nathan to struggle alone, Riley ties a white cloth in his mouth, then straddles and teases the bound and gagged man.

Hot gypsy fortune-teller Alexis Ferreira tricks naive Paolo Pasolini out of his clothes and into bondage. Once Paolo sits stripped to his briefs and tied-up, Alexis gags him with duct-tape, teases and tickles him, then removes her shoes and caresses him with her bare feet. When she's satisfied her kinky urges, Alexis takes his wallet and leaves him wriggling in rope.

Dressed in jacket, shirt and slacks, KD's securely tied to a chair with several dozen yards of tan rope. A white tape gag muffles his grunts as he strenuously but futilely tests his restrictive situation.

Naughty Lola Pearl surprises Dogo Da Vinci in bed and unloads a variety of dominant behavior on the hapless man once he's tied down on his back. Straddling her prey, Lola answers his protests by sealing Dogo's lips with duct-tape before tickling his feet, making him smell her shoes, squeezing his crotch, pressing her bare feet on his face and teasing him with her bare breasts.

Seated on the edge of a couch, Travis Varjak's held in place by a tautly- arranged network of tan rope, his voice limited by a cleave-gag. Travis strains vigorously against the bonds that a predatory couple administered to him but remains under their control.

Decisively tied down on a massage table and tape-gagged, Robby Echo receives attention from alluring masseuse Amanda Tate that leaves him squirming in frustration. After Amanda removes her bra, she flourishes her breasts mere inches away from Robby's hands, which are snugly roped to his waist.

ID #: MIB-150
Price: $25.00