Bondage 101 For Ashley And Nadia - DVD
Two Models, 48 Minutes

Adventurous blogger Ashley Lane heard about a neighbor's roomful of bondage devices and requested a tour. After Ashley's host encouraged her to test the equipment, the curious young woman sat astride a padded horse, her hands tied behind her back and feet bound together underneath it. She was pleasantly intrigued by this novel experience but her request to be freed was met with cloth stuffed into her mouth before safety wrap was tightened around her head to seal her lips. Ashley's indignation at this unexpected development increased after duct-tape covered the gag, her heels were removed and her breasts bared.

Ashley's exploration of the bondage room swerved into unexpected territory as she stood naked and bound to the wooden post that had caught her eye when she first arrived. Her breasts embroidered with black rope and her lips spread by a bright-red ball-gag, the bare-skinned blogger was straining strenuously against the post when her online rival, Nadia Noja, arrived for a tour of her own. Amused by Ashley's contortions, Nadia happily accepted ropework of her own, then sat testing the unfamiliar sensations of restraint on a nearby lounge. Like Ashley's, the petite girl's attitude shifted when her mouth was filled with cloth and covered by duct-tape.

No longer amused, nude and ball-gagged Nadia took Ashley's place at the post while her companion sat confined in stocks. Her legs spread and bare feet trapped, Ashley squealed when the fun-loving bondager tickled her soft soles before devoting a few moments of fingertip attention to Nadia's ribs. After Ashley was gagged with a black cleave, her feet were moved to the stocks' central holes and her big toes string-tied; Nadia received a tribute of her own in the form of a crotch- rope. Energetic struggling ensued and Ashley's laughter echoed once more when her foot-bottoms felt the impact of fingernails.

Post-and-stocks connections gave way to elegant simplicity with Ashley and Nadia kneeling bound hand and foot on adjacent platforms. Their eyes expressing anxiety as this unexpected predicament continued, the naked pair balanced carefully while murmuring through duct-tape gags. Fulfilling the devious host's promise of a peak restrictive experience, Nadia and Ashley arched in hogties that both accentuated their powerless state and highlighted two pairs of shapely bare soles.

His guests had been granted an unprecedented opportunity to test the bondage room's potential and responded with admirable intensity so the unpredictable man offered Ashley and Nadia a more intimate conclusion to their day of discovery. Stretched out side-by- side on the bed and gagged with microfoam, the former rivals tugged against the rope-links holding their arms above their heads until their nude bodies were maneuvered into tight proximity. Hands tied behind their backs and snugly connected by a rope around their waists, Ashley and Nadia undulated breast-to-breast until rescuers interrupted their trussed-up tryst.

ID #: HH-382
Price: $25.00