Sexy Screenwriters Create Exciting Scenes - DVD
Two Models, 49 Minutes

The main character in Gia Derza's latest screenplay was an attractive junior executive, so to get a feel for her workplace Gia spent a few hours in a friend's office. Dressed appropriately in blouse and skirt, Gia projected herself into the young woman's place when a thief turned her day upside down by leaving her trussed up on the floor and mouthing a knotted black cloth. After slipping off her pumps, the bound and gagged businesswoman struggled barefoot on the carpet then lay on her side, trapped in the taut black rope she'd failed to loosen. Returning to reality, Gia felt fully engaged with her character and proceeded confidently with the screenplay.

After Gia took a break, her writing-partner April Olsen spent some time alone in the office but her inspiration took a different direction. The character April created was hidden in a closet, where she sat tied up on a small bench and gagged with a knotted white cloth. Writhing anxiously in a polka-dotted two-piece beach outfit, the barefoot prisoner failed to free herself, then reacted with indignation when her breasts were bared. April's imagination placed her double in a more challenging position that left her kneeling on the bench while awaiting rescuers who took a long time to arrive.

The screenwriters decided to brainstorm together and after tossing some ideas around Gia suggested a scene in which her alter ego would be placed in bondage first, then April's character would attempt a rescue but end up restrained as well. As Gia sat coiled in rope on the edge of the desk, her mouth was filled with cloth and her lips sealed with duct-tape; when April arrived, she received the same restrictive treatment. Squirming side-by-side, they murmured nervously before turning carefully to pluck at each other's bound wrists after rope-framed breasts thrust through their blouses. This dramatic plight the creative writers visualized gave them confidence that their script was on the right track.

April, however, asked her friend to consider a more daring alternative: What if the wicked intruder deprived the two heroines of their clothing before they were gagged and bound? Gia agreed to consider the mental imagery that April was happy to supply, in which a pair of nude executives stood side-by- side secured in rope, their voices muffled by ball-gags. The powerless pair turned slowly on their bare feet before making a timid effort at escaping that was quickly halted. Moved to a couch, the naked businesswomen were folded onto their hips by waist-ankle links and left to twist in frustrated futility until they leaned close to huddle and whimper behind their gags.

Although April and Gia were happy with the alternative scenes they'd devised, a different approach beckoned, one that shifted their characters' confrontation with villainy to a bedroom. Relaxing after a stressful day at work, the skimpily-clad women were surprised by an implacable operative determined to keep them quiet while searching their home. Gia and April imagined their creations trembling in lingerie on the bed after they were bound hand and foot and tape-gagged, then rolling close together after their breasts were freed from tight tops. Creativity reached its climax when the alluring couple arched in hogties arranged by the wicked intruder -- the screenwriters agreed that this was the scene they'd go with.

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